FAQs - Culture & Events Grants

Where can I find the fall 2023 Grants information session presentation for reference? 

The grants information session presentation can be seen as a PDF document HERE

What Culture & Events funding opportunities are available through the City of Nanaimo?

Where can I find a summary of Grants awarded in 2024?

2024 City of Nanaimo Summary of Culture Grants (Operating & Project)

My organization is located outside the City of Nanaimo boundaries. Are we eligible?

In order to be eligible for funds at the City of Nanaimo, your organization must be registered as a non-profit with an address inside the boundaries of the City . Organizations that operate in multiple communities must be able to demonstrate public activities taking place inside the City limits in order to receive funding through the Culture Operating Grant.

What type of grant should I apply for? What is the difference between Project and Operating?

Operating grants differ from Project grants in that they fund a year-round cycle of operations at an organization, and are a contribution to the organization's administration as well as public activities. Groups with operating funds are expected to run a year-round cycle of activities, hold an established administrative structure that reports to a volunteer Board of Directors, and has the capacity to have independently prepared or audited financial statements. The funding received is a contribution to ALL activities, including all programs that arise throughout the year. An organization seeking operating support must be able to demonstrate confirmed ongoing activity by providing a “Program of Work,” which describes programming, administration, community involvement and promotion. An organization in receipt of operating funds has flexibility to adapt their program of work to respond to organizational change, and may only apply to one stand-alone project grant per year.

Project grants differ from operating grants in that they are allocations toward the realization of a specific project or series of activities. Instead of a ‘Program of Work,’ an application for project funding would describe the nature of the project or series of activities, who is involved in delivering the activities, when and where the activities will take place. Administrative costs associated to the delivery of the project are eligible (for example: venue rental, staffing, or promotional costs), but ongoing operating expenses (like office rent, or utilities) are not considered a project cost.

My organization is applying to host our annual cultural event fundraiser, with proceeds going to charity. Can we seek support from the City of Nanaimo?

Fundraising activities, where the outcome generates funds for a separate charitable cause are not eligible for funding through this program. Organizations that undertake fundraising activities, such as regular programs and events that charge a fee for entry, where the funds raised will be a portion of the revenues at the organization applying for funding, are eligible to apply, provided their fundraiser is not the sole activity of the organization.

Can I apply for more than one Project grant project/initiative?

Yes. Based on funds available, up to three Project Grant applications may be approved in a year.

Can our organization apply for a Culture Project Grant and a Culture Operating Grant?

Applicants who are receiving Culture Operating support may apply for one supplemental Project grant. Organizations that receive an Operating grant may apply for one project grant that is either a collaboration with another organization or a capacity building activity. The application must clearly demonstrate how the request falls outside of regular operations.

Can our organization apply for a Culture Project Grant and a Downtown Event Revitalization Grant?

Organizations may apply to both funds, provided the requests are for separate projects, events or activities.

My activity/ project will start in 2024, but will last into 2025, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, the fund supports activities that are initiated in 2024. Organizations with activities that carry over into 2025 must supply an interim report if/when submitting a new application to the Culture Project Fund.

Can I apply for more than one Downtown Event Revitalization project/initiative?

Yes. Based on funds available, up to four Downtown Event Revitalization applications may be approved.

Can I apply for Downtown Event Revitalization funding if I have received other funding from City of Nanaimo for my project?

Organizations and individuals may apply more than once to the City of Nanaimo, but the funds must support a different project, program or activity.

How do I book a City of Nanaimo park?

Visit the City of Nanaimo’s website and complete the Event Booking Form to submit your request to the City. More useful information about event planning can be found online.

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