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Residential backyard burning (burn piles)

Residential backyard burning, often called burn piles, are for disposing of large amounts of organic yard waste on your own property. This specific burning is banned except by permit. Permits are available for a fire under the following conditions:

  • Burn happens on a lot one acre in size or greater, or is located on Protection Island 
  • Burn only Fridays and Saturdays during the months of April and November from sunrise to sunset
  • Burn only organic yard waste materials (garden refuse, prunings)
  • No burning of wooden construction material, stumps, land clearing materials and debris, or household garbage
  • A competent person in charge of the fire is on site until the fire is completely extinguished
  • Burn by hand feeding a fire that is no bigger than 1.5 metres across and located at least 3 metres from any combustibles

Obtain a valid burning permit by calling 250-753-7311.

Residential outdoor cooking fires

Permits are not required for residential outdoor cooking fires, under these conditions:

  • Fire is within a device or barrier and is contained from spreading
  • Container does not exceed 24 inches in diameter
  • Burn only clean, dry wood or briquettes
  • Fire duration is not more than 2 hours


Barbecues, grills or smokers fuelled by:

  • Liquid (naphtha, kerosene, etc.)
  • Gas (propane, natural gas, etc.)
  • Solid (charcoal briquettes)
  • Electricity
  • Portable or fixed campfire devices that are fuelled by propane or natural gas

The burning of debris from land clearing is prohibited.

Any fires that generate persistent, offensive smoke shall be ordered extinguished.

Other fires

For other kinds of fires, like ceremonial, campground or for a special event (such as a bonfire), you will also need a permit.

Download burning permit for other fire types

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