User Rate Calculation

The following comprehensive example will help you understand how your user rate bill is calculated. 

The rates in this example were effective January 1, 2019.

Example calculation of water charge

A family has their water meter read on August 5, which is 112 days since it was last read on April 15.  The reading is 2502.5 cubic metres, compared to the previous reading of 2386.3, so consumption for the period was 116.2 cubic metres or 25,564 gallons (1 cubic metre = 220 gallons). This works out to an average of 228 gallons per day (25,564 gallons divided by 112 days) since the previous reading.

Here is a breakdown of the basic charge and tiered usage rates per day:

Basic charge (daily rate)     $0.74499
First step (up to 145 gallons) $0.00156 145 gal $0.22620
Second step (146-220 gallons) $0.00722 75 gal $0.54150
Third step (over 221 gallons) $0.00759 8 gal $0.06072
Total   228 gal $1.57341

Total water charge: $1.57341/day for 112 days = $176.22

Bill amount (including sewer and garbage)

Water charge (as calculated above) $1.57341/day 112 days
Total sewer charge (flat rate) $0.37034/day 112 days
Total garbage charge (flat rate) $0.46575/day 112 days
Total User Rate bill (gross amount)  

Last updated: April 11, 2019

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