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Updates Regarding 2021 Property Taxes

You can pay your property taxes using one of the following methods:

  • through your financial institution - online, telephone or in-person banking;
  • dropping off a cheque payment in the drop box located outside the Service and Resource Centre (411 Dunsmuir Street);
  • by mailing a cheque payment using the postage-paid return envelope included in the tax notice package;
  • in person at the Service & Resource Centre (Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To ensure the safety of staff and residents at the pop up tax office, a number of measures will be in place including physical distancing signage and markings as well as staff to ensure these measures are maintained. Anyone who is not feeling well should stay home and only one person per household may visit the office at any one time.

Please note: due to COVID-19 safety protocols, only debit and cheques will be accepted as payment.

Property tax payments are due on July 2, 2021 and those who have the financial ability are encouraged to pay by the due date. However, to ease some pressure for those financially impacted by the pandemic, the penalty date for late tax payments has been modified. A 1% penalty has been will be added end of day July 2, 2021. Any outstanding current balances not paid by end of day September 10th will be levied a second penalty of 9%.

Property Tax Frequently Asked Questions

The Relationship Between Property Assessments and Property Taxes

A significant increase in your assessment does not necessarily mean a significant increase in your property taxes. The important factor is how your assessed value changed relative to the average change for your property class.

For example:

  • The average increase in assessed value for a single family residence in 2021 was 2.23% due to market change.
  • If your property increased in value greater than the market change of 2.23%, you will likely see an increase in your municipal taxes of greater than 3.0%
  • If your property increased in value was equal to the market change of 2.23% than you municipal taxes will likely increase at the average for 2021 of 3.0%
  • If your property increased in value less than the market change of 2.23% you will likely see an increase in your municipal taxes of less than 3.0%

Request Property Tax Notice

Property tax notices are usually mailed at the end of May. If you did not receive your Property Tax Notice, please contact the Finance Department 250-755-4415 or

If you are registered for MyCity, you can view your property tax notice online. You can also change your billing preference with MyCity to receive your notice by email. Need a MyCity account? Register now.

Property taxes are due regardless of whether you received a property tax notice.

Consequences of unpaid taxes

Taxes unpaid by the due date (the first working day in July) are subject to a 1% penalty, and an additional 9% is levied on the second penalty date. Any remaining balance outstanding as of January 1 will accrue interest daily.

2021 Penalty dates have been changed to a 1% penalty end of day Jul 2, 2021 and a 9% penalty end of day September 10, 2021.

If you do not pay your taxes for three consecutive years, your property will be sold at the City’s Annual Tax Sale held on the last Monday of September.

The Province of British Columbia also offers options to defer your property taxes. For more information click Property Tax Deferment

2021 Tax Rates

Property Tax Classes & Rates

Class 01 - Residential: 7.1731 (up 0.0579 from 2020 which was 7.1152)

Class 02 - Utilities: 58.1733 (up 0.0656 from 2020 which was 58.1077 )

Class 03 - Supportive Housing: 5.6302 (up 0.1080 from 2020 which was 5.5222)

Class 04 - Major Industry: 19.6702 (up 2.8247 from 2020 which was 16.8455)

Class 05 - Light Industry: 21.6268 (up 4.0941 from 2020 which was 17.5327)

Class 06 - Business/Other: 20.9251 (up 3.9746 from 2020 which was 16.9505)

Class 07 - Managed Forest Land: 25.2706 (up 3.0476 from 2020 which was 22.2230)

Class 08 - Recreational/Non-Profit: 13.3264 (up 2.1127 from 2020 which was 11.2137)

Class 09 - Farm (Land): 4.7803 (up .0012 from 2020 which was 4.7791)

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Last updated: September 2, 2021

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