Understanding Your User Rates Statement

User rates statements are issued three times a year and approximately four months apart.  There are a number of factors that will impact your statement total:

  • How many days are in the billing period.  The billing period is determined by how many days were between your previous and current water meter readings. 
  • How much water was used.  An increase in the water portion of your statement could be because of seasonal usage (such as watering the lawn in the summer), lifestyle changes (more people in the household), or a leak in the water supply. See our water leaks page for instructions on how to check for a leak.
  • Services to the property.  Not all properties are hooked up to City water or sewer, and some properties do not receive garbage collection services. Properties with a suite or additional dwelling units will receive extra sewer and garbage charges, and be provided larger collection carts for garbage and organics.  

Reading Your Statement

Below is a labeled example of a statement for a single family home - or any other property that is being billed for one residential dwelling unit at the property.  Please scroll further down the page for examples of other types of accounts, including multi-family and commercial properties.

A sample statement of user rates for a residential property with one dwelling unit.  It has been labeled with letters to correspond to the legend below.


AAccount Number

Unique to each property. Use this six-digit number to pay the statement or to register the account to a MyCity profile.  By using MyCity you can view account information online and/or change from paper billing to email billing.

 Access CodeUnique to each bill recipient of the property. Use this to register the account to an online MyCity profile.  
 Due DateDate to pay bill.  If paid before due date, a 5% discount is available.
BBilling PeriodThe readings days in this bill period for your area of Nanaimo.  This may vary from your property's billing period by a few days. (See 'E - Date' for the day the water meter was read).
 Billing DateThe date your statement was generated by the office.  Any payments/updates received after this date will not be on your statement.
CNameOnly one owner shows here; additional owners will display on bottom payment stub or receive a separate copy of the statement.
 For Service AtCivic address of the property being serviced.
 Account TypeDetermines applicable rate structure for the property.
DRouteThe area of Nanaimo that the property is in, which dictates when it is billed. Primarily for office use.
EDateThe date the water meter was read.
 Meter NoteImportant notes regarding the meter (see F - Meter No.).  This note may indicate that higher than normal usage was detected, that we had to estimate your water reading, or other important information.
FMeter No.The register serial of the meter at your property, preceded by a letter.  Each meter at the property is assigned its own letter.
GNo. of DaysTotal number of days in the billing period (the date range falls between current and prior meter reading).
HCurrent ReadingThe number on the meter register when City of Nanaimo meter readers attended the property.  This number has been rounded up or down to a whole number.
IPrev ReadingThe number on the meter register when City of Nanaimo meter readers last attended the property.  Rounded up or down to a whole number.
JConsumptionTypically measured in cubic meters.  Total amount of water used between current and last water meter reading.  Meters that do not read in gallons will have the total amount used both in the meter's measurement units and converted to gallons.
KPrevious Bill AmountThe total amount of the previous statement before discounts.
LDate of Charges/PaymentsThe date of receipt for payments and the effective date of charges applied will display in this column.
MPaymentAny payments received before the billing date will show here.
 DiscountIf a discount was claimed on your previous statement for paying by the due date, it will display here.


The daily rate charged for having a water meter at the property, and not affected by water usage.  Properties with a water meter larger than 25mm will have a meter base rate that corresponds to the property's water meter size.

This charge is based on the water used during the total number of days in the bill period.  Step rates are based on the average gallons per day (gpd): to get the gpd, divide 'J' (Consumption in gallons) by 'G' (No. of Days).

Each 'step' is listed on a separate line with its own separate total.

PSEWER UNIT RATE - RESIDENTIALThe flat daily rate for each dwelling unit being charged for at the property. (Not applicable if property is on septic.)
QGARBAGE UNIT RATEThe flat daily rate for each dwelling unit being charged for at the property. (Not applicable if property does not receive City garbage service.)
 GARBAGE UPSIZEA charge for properties with extra garbage collection service.  See the cart exchange for more details about upsizes.
RIF PAID AFTER DUE DATETotal amount due without discount.
 DISCOUNT AVAILABLEA 5% discount on current charges available until the due date.
 IF PAID ON OR BEFORE DUE DATETotal amount if paid by the due date including the 5% discount.
SImportant Bill NotesReminders that will display on your statement.  Properties that are on monthly instalment plans will receive notice of when the monthly payments are changing in this section.

Reading Your Statement (Other Account Types)

  • Single Residential - 2-4 Units (House with a suite, duplex, triplex, fourplex, etc.,)

  • Multi-Family Residential - 5 or More Units

  • Commercial/Non-Residential

Last updated: February 16, 2024

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