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How do we determine how City funds are spent?  

Every year the Financial Planning Department collects information from department managers to determine what funds will be needed over the next 5 years for operations and projects. From this information, decisions must be made to keep taxes affordable while maintaining quality programs and services for citizens.  

2018 - 2022 Financial Plan

The Final 2018 – 2022 Financial Plan was adopted by Council on May 9, 2018.  The budget reflects decisions made by Council during the budget review process in 2017 and the Spring of 2018.

The 2018 – 2022 Financial Plan includes many initiatives linked to the Strategic Plan Update including: phased development of a Waterfront Walkway, Georgia Avenue Greenway and annual contributions to the Housing Legacy reserve.  In addition, the plan includes significant investment in infrastructure renewal projects, annual social, cultural and sports grant programs, new cycling, pedestrian, transit and vehicle amenities and water conservation programs.

Read the 2018-2022 Financial Plan Quick Facts* for highlights of the Final 2018 – 2022 Financial Plan.

Read the Budget In Brief 2018APR-04 presented to the Finance and Audit Committee April 4, 2018.

*Revised June 1, 2018 for School District Tax Rate.

Annual Financial Plans

The City’s integrated planning framework is comprised of three separate but complementary planning processes.  These processes support alignment and integration of resources and activities to achieve the strategic goals and priorities set by Council.  These three key processes include: the Strategic Plan, the Asset Management Plan and the Financial Plan.

Annual Financial Plans

In compliance with the Community Charter, the Financial Plan is developed through public consultation and Council direction.  Prior to May 15th each year, Council must adopt both a Five Year Financial Plan bylaw and a Property Tax Rates bylaw.

Core Services Review

A Core Service Review was completed in 2016.  Work on many of the recommendations commenced in 2016.  As recommendations are reviewed and approved by Council, they will be incorporated in the City's financial plans.

Strategic Plan Update

Council completed a Strategic Plan updated in 2016.  The purpose of the update was to build upon the community vision, values and commitments made under the City's previous 2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan.  Five priority projects and two key initiatives were identified for 2016 - 2019.  The five projects include 1 Port Drive/South Downtown Waterfront Development, Beban Park Facilities Redevelopment Master Plan, Sports and Entertainment Centre, Waterfront Walkway and Georgia Avenue Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge.  The two initiatives are Affordable Housing and Property Acquisition.

20 Year Investment Plan

On April 5, 2017, staff presented a 20 Year Infrastructure Investment Plan to Council.  The plan included projected investment required over the next twenty years for current infrastructure renewal, for new/upgraded infrastructure required due to growth and for specific investment.

Development of the City's first 20 Year Infrastructure Investment Plan was led by the City's Asset Management Steering Committee and included input from the DCC Review Committee.  Both committees have representation from across the organization including engineering, development, facilities, IT and finance disciplines.

The 20 Year Infrastructure Investment Plan identified a projected infrastructure investment need of $1.1 billion with current funding strategies providing $794 million.  The total potential funding gap is $258 million.  The gap is comprised of a funding shortfall of $117 million in development contribution charges for new and upgraded infrastructure required due to growth and $141 million for infrastructure renewal funded from general revenues and reserves.  Council approved the following recommendations to close the funding gap:

  • Continuation of 1% annual increase to property taxes to 2022 for contributions to the General Asset Management Fund Reserve
  • Completion of the DCC Review and adoption of new rates bylaw
  • Continued development of the City's asset management capacity

The 2018 - 2022 Financial Plan includes a 1% property tax increase each year for contribution to the General Asset Management Reserve and the new DCC rate bylaw was adopted this Spring.  The City's Asset Management Steering Committee is currently leading several key initiatives.

Read the 20 Year Investment Plan.

Get Involved!

Citizens have an opportunity to provide their input and engage in budget discussions once a Draft Financial Plan is presented to Council.  Here is how:

  • Attend Council and Finance and Audit Committee Meetings on Budget discussions
  • Participate in the next eTOWN Hall Meeting to discuss the City of Nanaimo's annual budget, date tbd.

Calendar and Opportunities to Get Involved

Dates to get involved in the 2019 - 2023 Financial Plan will be announced in the coming months.

Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

The City of Nanaimo has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the past four years.  This is the highest form of recognition in government budgeting and represents "best practices" in the field.

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