Building a Fence

No building permit is required for a fence; however, the fence must be in compliance with the Zoning Bylaw. Information on fences can be found in the Fence Building Regulation Guide. Note:
  • ornamentation and barbwire is included in fence height
  • retaining walls are regulated by fence height regulations
  • railings are included in retaining wall height
  • hedges/trees/landscaping are not regulated by fence height regulations

Be sure when you are constructing your fence that you are on your own property and are not building over any right-of-ways or easements.

Building a Retaining Wall

A building permit may or may not be required for a retaining wall. Generally, a building permit is required when a retaining wall is over 5' in height, but other factors may influence whether a building permit is needed or not. Please refer to the Retaining Wall Guide for more information.

Required information

And documents as listed in:

Draft Guidelines

DRAFT Retaining Wall Guideline


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