Manual of Engineering Standards and Specifications

The Manual of Engineering Standards and Specifications (MoESS) forms part of the Subdivision Bylaw and is referenced in several other City bylaws. It is a guide for the construction of City-owned civil engineering projects.

The MoESS is used by anyone designing or constructing work within existing or future City rights-of-way. This includes streets within subdivisions which are to be turned over to the City, works and services fronting building developments, and capital works projects undertaken by the City itself. The MoESS also forms the basis of the contract documents used for City capital works projects.

Further detail can be found in the Introduction section of the MoESS.

The current edition of the MoESS can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format below. You can also pick up a copy of the MoESS at the Service and Resource Centre, 411 Dunsmuir Street.

Manual of Engineering Standards and Specifications Edition No. 11

Implementation Date, November 5th 2016

Section Description Links

Amendment Record






Section 1.0

General Design Requirements


Section 2.0

General Conditions


Section 3.0

General Requirements


Section 4.0

Trench Excavation, Bedding and Backfill


Section 5.0

Water Distribution System


Section 6.0

Sanitary Sewer System


Section 7.0

Stormwater Management


Section 8.0

Curbs, Sidewalks and Walkways


Section 9.0

Streets, Traffic Signs and Markings


Section 10.0

Roadway Lighting and Traffic Signals


Section 11.0

Reinforced and Plain Concrete Works


Section 12.0

Asphaltic Concrete Paving


Section 13.0

Concrete Pavers


Section 14.0







Updates to the Manual of Engineering Standards and Specifications (MoESS) typically occur every three years. Updates are based on requests for revisions from product suppliers, consultants, contractors, City staff, etc.

To request an update to the MoESS, submit a completed Revision Request Summary SheetMoESS Appendices – (See Appendix A, Revision Request Summary Sheet)

New revision requests will be considered for Edition No. 12.

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