Property Tax Deferment

Eligible homeowners may apply to have the Provincial Government pay the current year's residential Property Taxes for their principal residence. If you defer, the taxes are paid on your behalf and become a debt registered against your property title and interest accrues annually. Interest rates are set twice a year.  

To find out more information about the Provincial Property Tax Deferment program including eligibility requirements and interest rates, visit the Defer Your Property Taxes page on the Province's website.

Important Information About Property Tax Deferment

  • Regular Property Tax Deferment Program

  • Families with Children Tax Deferment Program

  • Property Tax Deferment Annual Renewal and Statement of Account

  • When to apply for the deferment of property taxes

  • Where to apply for Property Tax Deferment

  • Processing time - How long does it take?

  • Property Title Changes While in Tax Deferment

  • Repay Your Deferment Loan

  • Interest and Fees for Property Tax Deferment

  • Understanding Property Equity

Provincial Deferment Office contact info:


Telephone: 250 387-0555

Or toll free: 1 888 355-2700


Last updated: May 4, 2019

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