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You’d like to subdivide your property – what’s next?

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  1. Pre-Application Meeting

    Although not mandatory, you may find it beneficial to schedule a pre-application meeting with subdivision staff. This gives you the opportunity to present your proposal to City staff and go over any issues/requirements that need to be addressed prior to a formal submission. It also gives staff the opportunity to answer questions or concerns you may have, and to identify any outstanding items that are required as part of your application.

    Please note: Applicants who are not experienced developers are encouraged to appoint a qualified professional (i.e. Surveyor, Engineer) to assist them through the subdivision process. View our Professional's Listing for more information.

  2. Preliminary Application Submission

    An application for Preliminary Layout Acceptance (PLA) may include any number of forms/documents below. Subdivision staff are happy to assist you in determining which forms you require.

  3. Formal Application Review

    Once a completion submission is received, your application will be circulated to internal departments and external agencies (where required) for review and comment. You may be asked to provide additional information to complete the review or address concerns that may arise.

  4. Preliminary Layout Acceptance (PLA)

    Preliminary Layout Acceptance (PLA) is a comprehensive letter or “shopping list” outlining the conditions that you must fulfill before Final Approval of your subdivision can be granted.

    The PLA is valid for 12 months and generally includes requirements such as:

    • Works and Services (i.e. curb, gutter, sidewalk, street lighting);
    • Dedication of parkland or cash-in-lieu (for the creation of 3 or more additional lots);
    • Preservation of the environment and natural features;
    • Covenants, easements, and statutory rights-of-way;
    • External agency requirements;
    • Payment of Development Cost Charges (DCCs)
  5. Design Stage Acceptance (DSA)

    After PLA is granted, you will hire a Civil Engineer to prepare detailed design drawings for the design of any roads, services, and utilities that are required as part of your subdivision. City Engineering staff will review and coordinate the requirements, design, cost estimates etc. with your civil Engineer. Once the drawings meet City approval, Design Stage Acceptance (DSA) is granted and construction of works and services can begin.

  6. Construction of Works and Services

    It is now time to hire a contractor to construct the Works & Services. Your engineer will arrange a pre-construction meeting through City Engineering staff. A “Certificate of Substantial Completion” will be issued following completion of the construction of all service, utility, and road works, and upon final inspection by City crews.

  7. Final Approval Application Submission

    Your Final Approval application submission to us will include a Final Approval Application form, the applicable final application fees (based on the number of lots created), and all required information outlined as conditions in your PLA. These conditions would typically include: Final survey plan prepared by a BC Land Surveyor, Development Cost Charge fees, Maintenance/Construction Agreement and related security deposit, and legal documents prepared by your lawyer. If appropriate, the Approving Officer will approve the subdivision by signing the Application to Deposit Plan and any relevant documents.

  8. Plan Registration

    Once the final subdivision plans and supporting documents are signed by the Approving Officer, they are given to the Licensed Depositor (usually your surveyor, lawyer, or notary public) for registration at the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC (commonly known as the Land Title Office) located in Victoria. This is the final process that creates legal title for each new parcel defined on the subdivision plan.

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