Identification and Maintenance

Who is responsible for cart maintenance and repair? What happens if my carts are damaged, lost or stolen?

The City will maintain ownership of all the carts and, as such, is responsible to repair and maintain carts free of charge. We will also supply you with a new cart if it is stolen or lost.  Please complete the form below or call the Sort Toss Roll Hotline at 250-756-5390 or e-mail  Please note residents are responsible for keeping their carts to a required standard of cleanliness.

If I move, can I take the carts with me?

No, each cart contains an electronic ID tag that identifies it as belonging to a specific property address. If you move, please leave your carts at your former address.

What information does the ID tag contain?

The electronic ID tags are used only to link the cart to a specific property. The tags do not give the City of Nanaimo any other information but the City can use them to help us in contacting you if we notice a problem with your cart.

Can we put locks on the carts?

No, please do not place locks on the carts.

I’ve just moved and there are no carts at my new address. What do I do?

The previous owner should have left the carts at that address. If that did not happen, call the Sort Toss Roll Hotline at 250-756-5390 or e-mail and we will provide a set of carts. 

Can I mark my address anywhere on the cart so it isn’t confused with my neighbor’s carts?

Each cart has a serial number stamped on the front intended to help keep track of the containers. You are encouraged to write down your serial number and store it in a safe place. If you wish to mark the carts, mark the inside of the lid. The cart is property of the City and we ask that you do not permanently mark the body of the carts because we may need to redeploy them to new addresses.

Last updated: February 6, 2019

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