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"It's not easy being green." These famous words from Kermit the Frog are more true today than ever, but there are things that we can do together as a resilient community to help mitigate climate change.

The benefits of trees are plentiful. From pulling carbon-dioxide out of the air, to absorbing excess ground water, to offering shade for our homes and properties, the role of trees is increasingly important as we face rising temperatures and changing weather systems.

Trees line the side of a downtown street

Urban Forestry. The trees and ground vegetation that grow within our communities make up our urban forest. This is a vital part of our city, and as such, the City of Nanaimo has bylaws in place to protect trees, a tree management plan, specific guidelines for tree removal, and an Urban Forestry Management Strategy. Visit our Urban Forestry page for more details.

Tree Voucher Program. The City of Nanaimo is making tree planting a bit more affordable by offering tree vouchers for $25 each. These vouchers have a redemption value of up to $90 and can be redeemed for qualifying tree types from Green Thumb Nursery. For more information, visit our Tree Voucher Program page.

Caring for Trees. The proper care of our urban trees can go a long way in keeping them healthy and helpful. Find tips on home and seasonal tree care on our Animals, Trees and Gardens page. You can also watch this video to learn how to correctly plant a tree:

Burn it Smart. When wood is burned, carbon dioxide is released. There are ways to burn that are healthier for the air and less hazardous than others. Learn how to burn safely and cleanly on our Burn it Smart page.

Efficient Rebates. It's hard not to love an opportunity to upgrade a home to run more efficiently and get some money back for doing it. From changing out your old and inefficient toilet or woodstove, to applying for a Home Energy Assessment rebate, the Rebates page has the links that you need.

CleanBC. The City of Nanaimo tops up some of CleanBC's rebate programs, adding even more incentive to upgrade your fossil fuel burning heating and hot water systems to energy efficient heat pump systems, and more! Learn more and get your rebate code at CleanBC's website.

REEP-ing benefits. A realtor is usually a first connection to a buyer's new home, and the more knowledge they have about home energy and retrofit incentive opportunities, the more beneficial they can be to home buyers. The Real Estate Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) is designed to keep realtors in-the-know. Read more about the Realtor Energy Efficiency Program here.

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Disaster and Emergency. We live in an earthquake zone, and with climate change upon us, there is a growing risk of disasters and major emergencies that could affect our city. To learn about the City of Nanaimo's Emergency Management Program, our Emergency Response and Recovery Program, and even how you and your family can be better prepared for an emergency, visit the Emergency Management page. And if you haven't already, sign up for emergency notifications by app, text, email or phone call here on our Emergency Call Alert System page.


Last updated: February 14, 2024

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