Zero Waste Initiatives

Annual Solid Waste Summary Report

To see a summary of the waste collected through the curbside Sort Toss Roll program, view the inaugural 2019 Solid Waste Summary Report.

Single Use Carryout Bags

The City of Nanaimo is dedicated to protecting our environment and infrastructure. As a result, we are keen to reduce the impact that single-use checkout bags have in our community and beyond. 

For more information on this project visit the project page:  Reducing Single Use Checkout Bags in Nanaimo

Takeout Containers

Follow this handy guide to choose the best takeout containers for your food/restaurant: Takeout Container Brochure

Keep Nanaimo Clean

We are working to keep our city clean with the Keep Nanaimo Clean campaign. The campaign aims to eliminate litter and improve the cleanliness of Nanaimo. These are ambitious goals but, with your help, we can achieve them. Rather than litter, please recycle your recyclables and take your garbage home or hold onto it until you come to a community garbage can.

Greener Giving

We are striving to give greener! Choose to gift an experience or an item with as little packaging as possible. Shop local and make, bake or create gifts. Think edible, digital and reusable. Use recyclable wrapping and avoid plastic bows and ribbon. Let's make memories, not waste. Give a gift that keeps on giving - both to friends and family and back to the planet. CHECK IT before YOU CHUCK (12)

Zero Waste 101

Have you heard the term "Zero Waste" and are wondering what it's all about? Learn more on the Zero Waste 101 page!

Post-Collection Systems

You Sort, Toss and Roll... now what? Check out our Post-Collection Systems page to find out what happens to your waste after it's taken from the curb.

Regional Solid Waste Management

What are our long term waste reduction goals? The City will work together with the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) to keep 90% of our region's waste out of the landfill by 2029.  This 90% target is set in the RDN's Solid Waste Management Plan.  Check out the Regional Solid Waste Management page for more information!

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