May 2, 2016 Regular Council Summary

Zero Per Cent increase in 2016 a reality

A 0% tax increase for 2016 became reality as Council adopted the Property Tax Bylaw and the 2016-2020 Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw Monday night.

Section 10b & 10c

Both bylaws were unanimously adopted.

City stayed financially sound throughout 2015

2015 was a good year financially for the City of Nanaimo. Staff presented Council with the 2015 Annual Consolidated Financial Statements to Council on Monday night. With $15.8 million in accumulated operating unallocated surplus, $122.7 million in reserve funds, $47.8 million in outstanding debt and $670.0 million of net book value tangible capital assets at the close of last year, the City remains in a strong, stable and sustainable financial position.

Section 8a

Motion carried: Unanimous.  

Conference spending capped

An amendment to the Council Spending and Amenities Policy will have each Councillor being allocated up to $1,000 for travel, hospitality and conference activities directly related to City business and the office of a Council member. Also, approved members of Council will be entitled up to $3,000 to attend the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual conference, $2,500 to attend the Union of BC Municipalities annual conference and $1,000 to attend the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities annual conference. Council members must deliver a report on their conference and travel activities for City business.

Section 14 a

Motion carried: Unanimous.  

Pay raise for Acting Mayors

Acting Mayors will receive a bump in salary after Council was presented with reasons for adding extra pay. Recently, the Acting Mayor role assumed additional responsibilities related to public activities, financial oversight, agenda development, Council meeting chairing, increased interfacing with the Chief Administrative Officer and general Council communication. The additional pay rate is calculated at a total of 10% of the Mayor’s base salary.

Section 8d

Motion carried: 6 – 2.   

Land exchange for Beaufort Park

A land swap that included part of Beaufort Park near Nanaimo Regional General Hospital recently went through the Alternative Approval Process and was approved by the general public. The swap will see a portion of land currently deemed part of Beaufort Park dedicated as private property and an equal portion of private land would be added to the park. A rezoning application and a bylaw to remove a portion of land from the existing park were presented.

Section 8e & f and 10a

Motion carried: Unanimous.

Parks and Trails Parcel Tax adopted

The amended Parks and Trails Parcel Tax bylaw was adopted. The bylaw provides authorization to collect a parcel tax.

Section 10 d

Motion carried: 6 – 2.

City Building bylaw updates

An update to the City’s Building Bylaw was presented. Among the changes, the new bylaw will have updated definitions around the building code and plumbing code, gender neutral terminology and changes to fire sprinkler requirements in stand-alone greenhouses.

Section 8k

Bylaw passed first, second and third reading.

New developments throughout City

253 Victoria Road will see the addition of an 18 unit multi-family residence with a variance to allow residences on the ground floor instead of commercial units.

Section 8g

Motion carried: Unanimous.

An amended development permit to add another driveway to a subdivision on Glen Oaks Drive was denied because it would further reduce the availability of on-street parking for the rest of the neighbourhood. 

Section 8h

Motion carried: 5 – 3.

A Housing Agreement to make sure the proposed 44-unit Student Housing development on Wakesiah Avenue is only occupied by students was presented for first and second reading. 

Section 8i

Housing Agreement Bylaw passed first, second and third reading.

Standards and Maintenance Bylaw proposed

Staff will look into developing a Standards and Maintenance bylaw for new housing developments in the City. This bylaw would look at ensuring new builds are up to standard and are maintained in good fashion.

Motion carried: Unanimous.

Unauthorized suites?

Is it a duplex or a fourplex? That’s the question when it comes to 6620 Portsmouth Road. Built in the 1970’s before amalgamation, the owners claim it was built as a fourplex, but records state it is zoned as a duplex. A notice to either remove their unauthorized secondary suites or bring the property into compliance within 30 days has been postponed to give staff time to investigate.

Section 9c

Motion to defer: Unanimous.  

Building permit updates

A Bylaw Contravention Notice was registered on the property title for 3280 Telescope Terrace. The construction to add to the existing kitchen was not completed according to the conditions of the building permit, which has now expired.

Section 8l

Motion carried: Unanimous.

A Bylaw Contravention Notice was registered on the property title for 2785 Country Club Drive for starting construction without a building permit.

Section 8n

Motion carried: Unanimous.

Secondary suites need upgrading

A Bylaw Contravention Notice was registered to the following properties for secondary suites that need to be upgraded for life safety standards in order to remain as secondary suites: 1005 Beverly Drive, 307 Black Diamond Drive, 331 Black Diamond Drive, 207 Derby Place, 5393 Dewar Road, 6225 Dover Road, 835 Glengarry Crescent, 1374 Ivy Lane, 286 Kathryn Place, 290 Kathryn Place, 48 Roberta Road East and 2310/2312 Towerview Crescent.

Section 8p

Motion carried: Unanimous.  

Property clean-ups ordered

The following property owners will have 14 days to complete clean-ups of their properties or the City will have the work done at the owners’ expense: 550 Brechin Road, 195 Princess Street and 3796 Victoria Avenue. The property at 3221 Hammond Bay Road will have 30 days to complete the clean-up of their property or the City will have the work done at the owner’s expense.

Section 9d

Motion carried: Unanimous.  

Lounge proposed for Distillery

Staff informed Council of a liquor license application filed by Arbutus Distillery that, if approved, Arbutus would be permitted to sell and serve its products in a tasting lounge in their distillery on Boxwood Road.

Section 8j

Information was received.

May 2, 2016 Regular Council Meeting - agenda, documents and video

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