June 12, 2017 Summary

Garbage rates increase
Starting July 1, user fees are expected to increase by $15.29 per residence to offset the cost of implementing garbage automation with an amendment to the Rates and Charges for Municipal Solid Waste Collection bylaw passing three readings. 
Section 9 c
Motion carried.

New engagement program to launch
A committee will be formed to develop a pilot program for informal, open topic public engagement sessions. The program is slated to begin in the fall.
Section 8 a
Information was received.

Support for Rails to Trails
Council passed resolution to support the Friends of Rails to Trails Vancouver Island initiative to convert the E & N Rail bed to a multi-use trail.
Section 15 a
Motion carried.

Reporting on reserve funds 
The Old City Parking Reserve fund ended 2016 with an increase of $1,580 in investment earnings closing the year out with a balance of $87,227. After earnings and received charges totaling $8,224,116 and $5,390,435 in expenditures, the Development Cost Charge Reserve fund closed out 2016 with a balance of $42,228,902.
Section 9 a, b
Information was received.

Development around Nanaimo
A 14-unit multi-family development at 1015 Park Avenue got the go-ahead with variances to the allowable building height and perimeter wall height.
Section 10 b
Motion carried.

Linley Valley will see a 72-unit multi-family rental development at 6025 Linley Valley Drive with variances to the allowable building height and onsite parking.
Section 10 c
Motion carried.

A 7-unit mixed-used development at 253 Victoria Road was approved with variances to the front and side yard setbacks.
Section 10 d
Motion carried.

The rezoning of 1875 Boxwood Road 1900 Griffiths Road and 1990 Griffiths Road into subdivided industrial lots passed first, second and third readings. 
Section 10 e
Motion carried.

The rezoning of 5030 Hammond Bay Road from Single Dwelling Residential [R1] to Single Dwelling Residential – Small Lot [R2] for a five-lot subdivision passed first and second readings and will now go to public hearing.
Section 10 f
Motion carried.

Construction completed without permit
The property at 1105 Woss Lake Drive received a notice on title for construction completed without a building permit.
Section 10 g
Motion carried.

June 12, 2017 Agenda Addendum
June 12, 2017 Video

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