December 16, 2019 Regular Council Summary

Committee Recommendations 
An Advisory Committee on Accessibility and Inclusiveness has been established and its Terms of Reference adopted, which was amended to include 2 members of Council and 11 members at large.
Section 8 b
The “Financial Plan Bylaw 2019 No. 7307” (To confirm and adopt the 2020 – 2024 Financial Plan) passed three readings.
Section 10 a
Approval was given to borrow funds from the Development Cost Charge City Wide Drainage Reserve Fund to fund the Sanitary Sewer DCC project SS19: Millstone Trunk South. 
Section 10 b
The Terms of Reference to establish an independent Task Force to undertake the review of the Council Spending and Amenities Policy with a focus on Council Remuneration was approved. 
Section 10 c
Council approved the 2020 Design Advisory Panel Key Date Calendar.
Section 10 d
The Design Advisory Panel Mandate and Objectives will be amended to include the addition of an alternate Council member.  
Section 10 e
Arts and Culture
The following 2020 Temporary Outdoor Public Art Recommendations were approved:
Artist Name / Artwork Name / Category
Joanne Helm / Joy in the Life and Balance / A ($1000)
Maggie Wouterloot / History Needs a Rewrite / A ($1000)
Peter Achurch / Sea Bed / A ($1000)
Steve Milroy / The Fossil Laughs / A ($1000)
Bryan Faubert / Out from Out Where: Beyond Liminality / B ($4000)
Deryk & Samuel Houston / Jardiniere / B ($4000)
Joel Prevost / Name your dog! / B ($4000)
Maggie Wouterloot / Our Common Ancestor / B ($4000)
Marc Walter / Not Out of the Woods / B ($4000)
Troy Moth / Untitled / B ($4000)
Section 10 h
Development around Nanaimo
The decision to deny a Tree Removal Permit for 950 Phoenix Way until the OCP Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permits have been approved was upheld by Council. 
Section 10 i
A Development Permit has been issued for 470 Franklyn Street, to allow for a four-storey multi-family building with nine residential units.
Section 10 j
A Development Permit has been issued for 2462 Rosstown Road, to permit the construction of a shared access driveway, engineered ponds, and riparian plantings within the watercourse leave strip in conjunction with a subdivision.
Section 10 k
Rezoning Applications for 4771 Hammond Bay Road (to rezone 4771 Hammond Bay Road from Single Dwelling Residential to Low Density Residential) and 4271 Jingle Pot Road (To rezone portions of 4271 Jingle Pot Road from Single Dwelling Residential and Duplex Residential to Low Density Residential) received first and second reading. A third reading will be considered once a community contribution has been secured for each application.
Section 10 l,m
A letter of concurrence will be provided to “Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada” in response to a proposed telecommunications facility at 2250 McGarrigle Road .
Section 10 n
Bylaw Updates 
The following bylaws were adopted:
“Sewer Regulation and Charge Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 2496.32” (To set the 2020 rates for sanitary sewer).
“Waterworks Rate and Regulation Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 7004.15” (To set the 2020 water rates).
“South West Bulk Water Rate Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 7099.08” (To set the 2020 bulk water rates for South West Extension).
“Municipal Solid Waste Collection Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 7128.11” (To update the bylaw to set rates for 2020).
Sections 11 a-d

December 16, 2019 Regular Council Meeting - agenda, documents and video


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