December 18, 2017 - Summary

Financial Plan Bylaw passes three readings
The 2018-2022 Financial Plan Bylaw passed three readings. The plan includes a projected property tax increase of 2.7% for 2018 along with user rate increases of 7.5% for water, 5% for sewer and 24% for garbage.
Section 8 b
Motion carried.

Committee recommendations
The Finance and Audit Committee recommended to approve the 2018 Social Response and Community Vitality grants and to approve up to $60,000 for safety and security provisions in downtown.
Section 8 d
Motions carried.

Waterfront Walkway plan a go
Council endorsed the expansion plan for the Waterfront Walkway. 
Section 10 a
Motion carried.

Alternate appointed to RDN board
Councillor Armstrong will act as an alternate director on the Regional District of Nanaimo board.
Section 8 e
Motion carried.

Development around Nanaimo
A Development Permit with variances was issued for an outdoor kitchen and landscape alterations for the property located at 3062 Hammond Bay Road.

An amendment to the Official Community Plan to develop land located on Tanya Drive near Linley Valley Park was denied.
Sections 10 c, d
Motions carried.

Planning for legalized marijuana
A task force will be established to assist the City in planning for the legalization and regulation of cannabis.
Section 15 a
Motion carried.

Making showers accessible
The City will work with community partners to make public showers available.
Section 15 c
Motion carried.

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