December 20, 2021 Regular Council Summary

Committee Recommendations

The following recommendations carried regarding Nanaimo’s Greenhouse Gas Targets:

  • That the City will leverage its available resources and authority to reduce carbon emissions beyond net Zero to reach climate emergency targets of 107% reduction by 2050 and actively advocate to senior levels of government for the necessary support to achieve this.
  • That Council add a policy statement in the Official Community Plan to commit the City to a regular review cycle of Greenhouse Gas target performance indicators necessary to evaluate whether policy actions are having the desired effect. 
  • That zero carbon and energy efficiency building design practices be accelerated for all new construction before 2030. 
  • That Council advocate to the Provincial government for a moratorium on all new natural gas connections.
  • That Council change the policy statement regarding Solid Waste to eliminate organic matter sent to landfill by 2030. 
  • That Council endorse the approach for policy development in regards to greenhouse gas reduction with the inclusion of stronger language.

Section 10a

Council directed Staff to prepare a policy for Council consideration on neighbourhood association recognition and supports. Staff will also continue to support active neighbourhood associations that meet and maintain the following organizational criteria:

  • Have an elected executive that meets on a regular basis (at least once a year);
  • Have a membership structure (not necessarily fee paying);
  • Hold an annual general meeting, and provide a copy of the minutes to the City with updated membership numbers;
  • Keep minutes for executive and general membership meetings;
  • Engage with its membership for input prior to responding to City development referrals, such as rezoning and Official Community Plan amendments; and
  • Provide periodic updates to members related to the activities of the group.

Section 10b

Council approved up to $20,000 from 2021 surplus project funds to be used towards necessary repairs at the Lawn Bowling Club.

Council added the replacement of the dock at the Brechin Boat Ramp to the 2021 budget, to be funded from the Brechin Boat Ramp Reserve and private contributions.

Council directed Staff to increase the budget for the Port Theatre Chiller Replacement project from $712,199 to $1,042,005 funded by a $74,640 grant from CleanBC and $255,166 from the Climate Action Reserve Fund.

Council approved the 2022 Culture & Heritage Operations Grants, Project Grants and Downtown Event Revitalization Grants, for a total of $510,211 in grant funding. (see details of funding here)

Council approve the 2022 Social Planning Grants, for a total of $75,000 in grant funding. (see details of funding here)
Section 10 c

Community Support

That Council approved a 30-year lease of City-owned lands at 1861 East Wellington Road to Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank, effective 2022-FEB-01.
Section 12b

Development around Nanaimo

A Development Variance Permit for 108 Hawk Point Road, to allow an over-height principal dwelling, was approved.
Section 12d

A Development Permit for 5605 Cougar Ridge Place, to allow for three detached single residential dwelling strata units, was approved.
Section 12e

A Development Permit for 421 Prideaux Street, to allow for a 16 unit multi-family apartment building, was approved.
Section 12f

A Rezoning Application for 6033 and 6053 Nelson Road, to allow for two multi-family developments, passed two readings. A third reading will be considered once the park and road dedication, covenants and community contribution are secured.
Section 12g

A Rezoning Application for 6201 Blueback Road, to allow for a liquor store on site, passed two readings. A third reading will be considered once the community contribution has been secured.
Section 12h  

A Rezoning Application for 2393 Barclay Road, to facilitate a two-lot subdivision, passed two readings. A third reading will be considered once the community contribution and a covenant for general building design are secured.
Section 12i

Administration & Appointments

Council appointed Kevin Kirk as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer.
Section 12c

“School Site Acquisition Charge Bylaw 2021 No. 7338” (To require the payment of school site acquisition charges on developments of two and three residential units) passed three readings.
Section 12j

Council is supporting the Regional District of Nanaimo’s proposed Regional Growth Strategy amendment (for the properties addressed 1329, 1333, and 1340 Kipp Road).
Section 12k

Council has consented to the adoption of “Regional District of Nanaimo Regional Parks and Trails Service Area Amendment Bylaw No. 1231.08, 2021”.
Section 12l

Bylaw Updates

"Financial Plan Bylaw 2021 No. 7337" (To confirm and adopt the 2022 – 2026 Financial Plan) was adopted.

“Sewer Regulation and Charge Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 2496.34” (To set the 2022 rates for sanitary sewer) was adopted.

"Waterworks Rate and Regulation Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7004.17" (To set the 2022 water rates) was adopted.

"User Fee Subsidies Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7095.03" (To set the 2022 thresholds for User Fee Subsidies) was adopted.

"South West Bulk Water Rate Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7099.10" (To set the 2022 bulk water rates for South West Extension) was adopted.

"Municipal Solid Waste Collection Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7128.13" (To update the bylaw for solid waste collection and set the rates for 2022) was adopted.

"Brechin Boat Ramp Facilities Regulation Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7110.01" (To remove the fine and fee schedules and update the violation and penalty language) was adopted.

"Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7159.15" (To add the fine schedule associated with the Brechin Boat Ramp Facilities Regulation Bylaw) was adopted.

"Fees and Charges Bylaw 2021 No. 7336" (To replace the fee schedule and add the Brechin Boat Ramp commercial permit fees) was adopted.

Section 13 a-i

Other Business

Councillor Thorpe will be attending training at the Local Government Leadership Academy.
Section 15

December 20, 2021 Regular Council Meeting – agenda, documents and video

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