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Business NameMailing AddressLicence DescriptionBusiness PhoneHome BasedInter MuniApproved DateStatusMap
1332492 BC LTD4757 FAIRBROOK CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9T 6L7Consulting, marketing250-816-1088YesNoFeb 12, 2020OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
A B HRYTSAK LTD404-1632 CRESCENT VIEW DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9S 2N4Consulting, sales250-756-4937YesNoJan 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ARNEEON MEDIA359 CAMBIE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 0G7Digital marketing and search engine optimization services250-951-7625YesNoApr 28, 2021OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
AUDIENCE MARKETING INC183 HERITAGE DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9V 1J9Marketing and communications, graphic design, event management250-740-1155YesNoMar 12, 2013OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BETTER MOUSETRAP MARKETING LTD2313 EDBE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 6V9Marketing and digital media services250-667-4105YesYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BLITZ COMMUNICATIONS2700 COSGROVE CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9S 3P6Public relations, social media and event planning778-908-1764YesNoJan 25, 2022OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
COASTAL PUBLICATIONS LTD6619 JENKINS ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 6J3Publication advertising and contract work250-933-1366YesNoJun 1, 2015OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CONCENTRATE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING122 PIRATES LANE NANAIMO BC V9R 6R1Social media marketing services YesNoJan 17, 2012OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CONTENT WITH CASS4121 GULFVIEW DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 6G3Online social media marketing and business management250-309-6633YesNoSep 9, 2019OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DARKHORSE ANALYTICS INC BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Consulting, analytics800-261-1832NoNoJul 2, 2020OPEN
ENGAGEQ DIGITAL INC430 NINTH STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 0H7Digital marketing, social engagement and online advertising604-618-2861YesNoJun 20, 2018OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GR SOCIAL MEDIA37 STRICKLAND STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 4S1Marketing, digital250-619-3877YesNoJun 22, 2020OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HABITAT MARKETING203-335 WESLEY STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2T5Marketing, advertising250-741-4780NoNoMar 28, 2022OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HOULT MARGARET ANN5992 SCHOONER WAY NANAIMO BC V9V 1G1Marketing and consulting250-756-0644YesNoSep 18, 2008OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ISLAND DAILY DEALS2520 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 3L3Marketing company for local small & medium businesses250-591-3647NoNoOct 12, 2016OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ISTOCKHOMES MARKETING LTD1625 VENLAW ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 1J3Online classifieds listing service778-441-1559YesNoAug 15, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JB MARKETING AND SALES2600 HIGHLAND BOULEVARD NANAIMO BC V9S 5G1Marketing, online digital780-994-1925YesNoApr 13, 2021OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JGC MARKETING632 ALYSSA PLACE NANAIMO BC V9R 0H4Marketing, digital250-268-8352YesNoFeb 18, 2022OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KENWILL MARKETING SPECIALTIES197 BIRD SANCTUARY DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9R 6G8Advertising products250-741-1830YesNoSep 13, 2005OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KESTRALL MARKETING235 MT BENSON STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 1B4Marketing, digital604-442-0811YesNoNov 10, 2021OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LINDSEY NORRIS MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS / DBA LN MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS5355 SUNHAVEN PLACE NANAIMO BC V9V 1R5Freelance marketing and communications services250-268-2441YesNoJun 13, 2022OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ORDERLY LIFESTYLE Decluttering, organizational and promotional services via Instagram250-802-4187YesNoMay 2, 2019OPEN
OUT OF THE BOX MARKETING SOLUTIONS5644 DUSTIN PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 6A5Marketing services250-758-4133YesNoMay 25, 2005OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PATTISON OUTDOOR PACIFIC REGION BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Advertising services604-291-1229NoNoJul 10, 1995OPEN
PREMIER GRAPHICS INC BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Vinyl graphics604-696-2222NoNoJun 2, 2022OPEN
RIDEOUT COMMUNICATIONS 2014 INC2792 NEYLAND ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 4J5Marketing communications advertising print, web, TV250-585-3452YesNoAug 23, 2016OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SERENE STUDIO CO2817 GLENAYR DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9S 3S7Marketing, photography and social media250-713-0994YesNoJul 6, 2021OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SPARKLING HILL ASIA MARKETING GROUP LTD220-2011 ESTEVAN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 3Y9Marketing604-893-9801NoNoMay 22, 2018OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
STRATA SPHERE CONDOMINIUM SERVICES INC630 TERMINAL AVENUE N NANAIMO BC V9S 4K2Newsletters and seminars250-753-0353NoNoJan 15, 2003OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
VISUAL SPORTS IMAGE OF CANADA LTD BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Advertising sales and services, remote877-653-9988NoNoAug 10, 2022OPEN
VSP MEDIA217 CONCORDIA PLACE NANAIMO BC V9R 6A9Online marketing and design250-740-0202YesNoJun 29, 2016OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
WRAPTURE CUSTOMSB2-2575 MCCULLOUGH ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5W5Custom vehicle vinyl wraps and signs778-269-2058NoNoSep 1, 2021OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)

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