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Search results for licences issued between Sunday, January 1, 2023 and Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Data updated overnight on most business days.

Business NameMailing AddressLicence DescriptionBusiness PhoneHome BasedInter MuniApproved DateStatusMap
1127886 BC LTD / DBA WALLACE PHARMACY5-100 WALLACE STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5B1Pharmacy250-753-8686NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
1334180 BC LTD / DBA FETCH PANDA190 NICOL STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 4S9Convenience store250-667-1365NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
1367867 BC LTD / DBA PRACTICAR CAR & TRUCK RENTALS101-85 CLIFF STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5E6Car and truck rental250-753-6461NoNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
A T C HOME SOLUTIONS INC3400 DEPARTURE BAY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 1B8Roofing; gutters, soffits & siding250-714-9566YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ACKROYD FINANCIAL SERVICES INC230 CRAIG STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 3V3Financial planning, insurance and investments250-756-6064YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
AFRO MART NANAIMO675 BEACONSFIELD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 1X3Online retail; hair products, beauty supplies, artifacts, etc250-797-60691YesNoJan 19, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ALA CART HOTDOGS BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Food cart250-219-2716NoNoJan 12, 2023OPEN
APTERYX MANAGEMENT LTD / DBA THE PEST DOCTOR2154 CINNABAR DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9X 1B2Pest control services250-751-4393YesYesJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ARBUTUS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY103-6359 HAMMOND BAY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 5Y1Renovation and builder, office only250-816-2943NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ARMSTRONG DEVELOPMENTS LTD1985 BOXWOOD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5X9Commercial property rental250-741-4010NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
AZIMUTH NEIGHBOURHOOD FARM BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Mixed vegetable farm garden, delivery of CSA boxes604-399-0115NoNoJan 18, 2023OPEN
BAM BAM ROOFING775 TERMINAL AVENUE N NANAIMO BC V9S 0B4Roofing contractor, steep slope250-268-5636YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BEBAN PARK GOLF COURSE & DRIVING RANGE2280 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 3K7Golf course, driving range and restaurant250-390-3021NoNoJan 4, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BEST CABINET5207 HAMMOND BAY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 5M9Kitchen cabinets; sales and installations YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BIG APPLE CATERING1868 VALLEY OAK DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9R 6N1Catering service250-591-9803YesNoJan 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BZB CONTRACTING2538 ROSSTOWN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 3R8Yard maintenance and landscaping250-268-4012YesNoJan 19, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CANADIAN INDIGENOUS ART INC215 TERMINAL AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 5C7Indigenous art; printing, shipping and storage250-754-3219NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CARDELO CONTRACTING LTD3617 SUNRISE PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 2S7Contractor, renovations and repair250-668-0760YesNoJan 1, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CC GARDENING3485 FALCON DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 4G7Landscaping services250-927-6788YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CLEAN GREEN ELECTRIC LAWN CARE2803 106TH STREET NANAIMO BC V9T 2G3Gardening250-888-9363YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
COLDSTREAM COMMERCIAL SALES INC BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Appliance sales and service604-940-8668NoNoJan 18, 2023OPEN
COPPER COAST HOME SERVICES INC BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Handyman services250-619-9102NoYesJan 25, 2023OPEN
CORNER STONE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT1733 BOUNDARY AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9S 4P3Property maintenance and management250-756-6941YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DI’S DESIGN502-150 PROMENADE DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9R 6M63D visual design concepts and interior design250-616-8653YesNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DONAIRNUTZ / DBA HARBOUR CITY DONAIRZ & DOGZ100 CHANTRELLS PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 5P4Food trailer236-953-8555NoNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DR NJENGA FOUNDATION CHARITY BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Non-profit charity; supporting homeless250-606-1410NoNoJan 25, 2023OPEN
DRAGONFLY SUITE721 HALIBURTON STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 4W8Short-term rental250-616-3815NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DYGGZ MARKETING INC / DBA CALLIAMEDIA139 BASTION STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 3A2Marketing250-213-2543NoNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ERNEST IMOESI PHOTOGRAPHY5788 LINYARD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 0J9Photography250-619-0072YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ESTHETICS BY LYSS680 ST ANDREWS STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 1S4Esthetics, manicures, pedicures, tinting and waxing250-751-5919YesNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
EXECUTIVE CLEANING SERVICES286 RYAN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 6X8Cleaning services250-714-6136YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
FINE TUNING MUSICAL INSTRUMENT REPAIR295 CILAIRE DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9S 3E6Brass and woodwind musical instrument; tuning, repair and maintenance YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
G KRONSTAL CONSULTING887 HARBOUR VIEW STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 4V4Consultancy; legal services250-327-4111YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HAPPY GO PUPPY4073 VICTORIA AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9T 2A5Dog walking; pick up and drop off250-709-9253YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HINKKALA & ASSOCIATES FINANCIAL SERVICES INCORPORATED02-6135 METRAL DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 2L7Financial planning, insurance and investment250-740-1679NoNoJan 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HOUGH & CO103-4535 UPLANDS DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 6M8Accounting services250-751-8532NoNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
IMPERIAL SIGN CORPORATION BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Sign manufacturing and installation604-464-1211NoNoJan 18, 2023OPEN
J D PLUMBING AND GAS INC335 MT BENSON STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 1B7Contractor, plumbing and gas250-585-0233YesYesJan 19, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JOHN TAYLOR REGISTERED CLINICAL COUNSELLOR02-6135 METRAL DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 2L7Counselling and psychotherapy250-618-0216NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KARIN BERMAN COUNSELLING204-1515 DUFFERIN CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9S 5H6Counselling and psychotherapy778-841-0125NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KELLY YACHT SALES169 COLVILLETON TRAIL NANAIMO BC V9R 6R1Yacht brokerage604-218-5103YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KENNING STUART2690 ELK STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 3T8Consulting, teaching and evaluating250-713-2468YesNoJan 19, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KKASHISH FASHION HUB267 GOLDEN OAKS CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9T 0K8Online retails sales, clothing and jewelry250-619-3361YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KKP HOLDINGS INC1624 ROBERTA ROAD SOUTH NANAIMO BC V9X 0B6Construction, residential250-618-7720YesNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LAKE VIEW RENTAL316-4830 CEDAR RIDGE PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 0M8Short-term rental NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LAUREN SEMPLE CONSULTING579 ROSEHILL STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 1E7Consultant; arts, tourism, diversity and inclusion778-269-0831YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LITTLE LAWNS LANDSCAPING292 MACHLEARY STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2G6Landscaping and maintenance250-740-5432YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LONG LAKE VACATION RENTAL3556 ROSS ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 2S5Short-term rental581-998-1008NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MAID IN SHINING ARMOUR2149 DUGGAN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5N9Cleaning services250-618-7572YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MAID TO PLEASE CLEANING SERVICES116-5240 DUBLIN WAY NANAIMO BC V9T 0H2Cleaning and organizing services250-618-1734YesYesJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MAINSTAY TATTOO CO18 VICTORIA CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9R 5B8Tattoo studio250-619-8635NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MALASPINA DENTAL CENTRE5-1551 ESTEVAN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 3Y3Dental office250-753-1181NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MANI.K FOOT CARE309-1900 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 1H1Foot care604-223-4612YesYesJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MANUKE HOLDINGS LTD BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Real estate holdings company and builder604-621-2222NoNoJan 18, 2023OPEN
MEDI-TRAN SERVICES (1993) LTD / DBA MTS LOGISTICS2243 MCGARRIGLE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 4M5Courier medical services604-872-5293NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MID ISLAND IRRIGATION SERVICE580 STEWART AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9S 0A1Irrigation repair250-741-4163YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MILLHOUSE PROJECTS LTD565 MENZIES RIDGE DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9R 0C4Hazardous materials inpsections and assessments; project management250-714-3035YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MOUNTAIN WATERWORKS LTD / DBA VANCOUVER ISLAND POOLS2455 MARLBOROUGH DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9S 3J6Pool services and cleaning250-214-2782YesYesJan 19, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NICO'S BRAZILIAN DELICACIES INC481 NOTTINGHAM DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 0C2Food trailer250-585-1112NoNoJan 30, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NORI FOODS INC / DBA HORANG RESTAURANT6367 HAMMOND BAY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 5Y1Restaurant, Korean604-765-1017NoNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NORTH NANAIMO GATEAWAY6093 CARLTON ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 6G5Short-term rental NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ORKIDZ ART STUDIO50 MT BENSON STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 1B2Mobile arts and crafts, events604-902-0423YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PACIFIC RIM BICYCLES2129 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 1H8Commercial property rental250-816-2866NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PACIFIC WATERPROOFING LTD BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Commercial building waterproofing604-299-3580NoNoJan 5, 2023OPEN
PEOPLES BOOKKEEPING & TAX INC4-1200 PRINCESS ROYAL AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9S 3Z7Bookeeping, accounting, taxes778-228-4157NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PINK BOW PATISSERIE67 FIFTH STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 1M9Baked goods, preparation and delivery250-361-6714YesNoJan 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PINNACLE PHARMACY3-5771 TURNER ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 6L8Pharmacy778-667-4811NoNoJan 4, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
POSITIVELY VEGAN705-220 TOWNSITE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5S8Event planning, selling merchandise online YesNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
R.W. (BOB) WALL CONTRACTING LTD3-1588 BOUNDARY CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9S 5K8Construction; commercial developments250-756-2707NoYesJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
R4U BOOKKEEPING388 TRINITY DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9R 5X3Bookkeeping services778-269-3084YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
RAJK HOMES LTD5284 NORTON ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 0B9Contractor, general250-751-5797YesNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
RAYNBOW LAWNCARE2123 LANCASHIRE AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9S 5P6Lawn care250-228-5963YesNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
REDQUOTE MEDIA3050 KEIGHLEY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 2X8Online marketing for construction industry250-739-9747YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
REVIVAL LAWN CARE164 WAKESIAH AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 3J9Landscaping and lawn care250-802-8552YesYesJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ROBERTSHAW DENTAL LABORATORY LTD3-84 ROBARTS STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2S5Dental technology; custom made crowns, bridges and implants250-754-3201NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ROZZANO FABRICATIONS & SHEETMETAL BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Metal fabrication and sheet metal services (HVAC)250-618-4850NoNoJan 18, 2023OPEN
SHAN SERVICES6590 ALBATROSS WAY NANAIMO BC V9V 1P9Equipment and party rentals and supplies778-551-3512YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SHEAR CREATIONS HAIR ESTHETICS AND WELLNESS8-6404 METRAL DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 2L8Salon, hair and esthetics250-390-2220NoNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SHEILA BOYCE & ASSOCIATES5788 LINLEY VALLEY DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 0G6Clinical counselling604-809-6828YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SIMPLY PROFESSIONAL WEEDING349 HOWARD AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 3R8Weeding and removal250-713-2872YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SITKA HEALTH CENTRE301 FRANKLYN STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2X5Massage therapist, registered236-777-4797NoNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SWEET AND DANDY COTTON CANDY36-971 DOUGLAS AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 6C1Food trailer778-269-3089NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
TACOMANIA265 KENNEDY STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2H9Food trailer250-756-5443NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
TACOMANIA FOOD TRUCK265 KENNEDY STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2H9Food truck250-756-5443NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
THE BEAUTY HUB208-335 WESLEY STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2T5Beauty services; facials, other skin treatments, eyebrow, eyelash work and teeth whitening778-240-2443NoNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
THE HEALING TREE COUNSELLING SERVICES719 HAMILTON AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 4G7Counselling250-618-5337YesNoJan 13, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
THE MICROFARM ON GREEN LAKE / DBA THE MICROFARM6634 VALLEY VIEW DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 5R7Garden grown fresh fruit and vegetables, baskets, seeds, etc250-618-8751YesNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
TIPSY AVOCADO360 CHESTERLEA AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 4B1Food truck250-751-5506NoNoJan 12, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
TISID4937 LOST LAKE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 5E3Short-term rental236-464-3487NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
UNCHARTED CHOCOLATE370 CORDAN STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 0H9Chocolatier250-797-2333YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
UNIFIED PLUMBING AND HEATING INC BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Commercial mechanical contractor587-337-9424NoNoJan 13, 2023OPEN
UPSTREAM PLUMBING & HEATING LTD BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Plumbing services778-891-6909NoNoJan 18, 2023OPEN
VENETIA BEAUTY AND SOUL1826 RICHARDSON ROAD NANAIMO BC V9X 1C5Holistic day spa; pedicures, manicures, relaxation massage and Reiki250-756-6567YesNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
VI EXTERIOR CLEANING6658 NATHAN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 6H7Exterior cleaning and pressure washing250-751-9258YesNoJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
VIANIS TAE KWON DO CENTRES INC / DBA TIGER MARTIAL ARTS - NANAIMO6100 DOUMONT ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 6G7Martial art instruction250-314-9982NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
WAGNER SHORT TERM RENTAL987 BUFFER ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 0G7Short-term rental NoNoJan 25, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
WESTERN CANADA MARINE RESPONSE CORPORATION50 PORT DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9R 0C7Office; marine spill response250-856-0123NoNoJan 18, 2023OPEN
WINDOW MASTERS CLEANERS / DBA WINDOW MASTERS NANAIMO210 FIFTH STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 1N4Cleaning services; residential siding and window washing250-618-3297YesYesJan 18, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)

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