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Search results for licences issued between Wednesday, February 1, 2023 and Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Data updated overnight on most business days.

Business NameMailing AddressLicence DescriptionBusiness PhoneHome BasedInter MuniApproved DateStatusMap
1208042 BC LTD / DBA QUEENS34 VICTORIA CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9R 5B8Nightclub250-754-6751NoNoFeb 7, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
1238615 BC LTD100 WALLACE STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5B1Commercial property rental NoNoFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
1255902 BC LTD4059 NORWELL DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 1Y8Commercial property rental NoNoFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
1342573 BC LTD / DBA CAFFEE ARTIGIANO DEPARTURE BAY4-680 TRANS-CANADA HWY NANAIMO BC V9S 5R1Coffee shop NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
3D GEOMATICS INC100-5279 RUTHERFORD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 5N9Civil design, drafting and surveying services250-756-4500NoYesFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ABBIE'S CORNER STORE / DBA ABBIE'S531 SECOND STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 1X7Convenience store25-816-0254NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
AFFORDABLE ISLAND TREE SERVICE BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Tree removal service250-228-8001NoNoFeb 9, 2023OPEN
ALERT FIRST-AID INC109 FINLAYSON STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2P4First aid training and supplies250-595-5323NoYesFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ALMOLLA CONSULTATIONS404-680 THIRD STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 1W8Consulting; small business and start-ups250-619-4166YesNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
AMBIENCE STAYS4690 AMBIENCE DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 0L3Short-term rental250-616-2562NoNoFeb 24, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ANNA REID COUNSELLING2347 LABIEUX ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 3M5Social worker, online personal counselling250-268-6515YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ARTLEAP821 COMOX ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 3J6Art lessons and work shops250-650-9553YesNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BECKER BURROWS & ASSOCIATES201-1801 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 1H1Psychology practice250-668-8885NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BLACK BEAR TREE CARE5604 CARRINGTON ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 5N6Landscape and arbiculture250-751-1331YesNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BOEHM CONSTRUCTION LTDE-777 POPLAR STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 2H7Contractor, general250-667-7166NoYesFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BRANCH OUT SOIL SOLUTIONS101-130 VANCOUVER AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9S 4E8Consulting, soil samples604-839-5260YesNoFeb 13, 2023OPEN
BRYAN GRIFFIN CONSTRUCTION2380 BARCLAY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 3J9Construction, residential renovations YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CAPRICORN CLEANING905 TERMINAL AVENUE N NANAIMO BC V9S 4K4Cleaning services250-918-5533YesYesFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CASTING MOMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY159 ACACIA AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 3L6Photography, videography, media and graphics236-953-0088YesNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CNA ELECTRIC LTD5441 WESTDALE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9V 1G5Contractor, electrical250-816-8884YesYesFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
COAL ISLAND LTD55 FRONT STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5H9Commercial property rental NoNoFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
COMFORT CLIPS DOG GROOMING BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Dog grooming, mobile250-797-9792NoYesFeb 15, 2023OPEN
CONCRETECOWBOI / DBA CCBOI345 PRIDEAUX STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2N4Custom clothing; online retail236-953-5223YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CRAIG'S BOBCAT5526 BIG BEAR RIDGE NANAIMO BC V9T 2K2Landscaping and site work services250-716-6111YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CV SLEEP LTD / DBA PACIFIC SLEEP CARE3-5144 METRAL DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 2K8Sleep clinic250-585-6151NoNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
D GATES HOLDINGS BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Welding and services for heavy duty equipment250-321-3881NoYesFeb 14, 2023OPEN
DALESVALVESANDPUMPS214-2815 DEPARTURE BAY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5P4Sales agent, industrial valves250-755-6127YesNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DEPARTURE BAY SUITES2375 MARLBOROUGH DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9S 3J3Short-term rental604-868-2482NoNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DEVON PROPERTIES LTD3690 COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 1X3Commercial property rental NoNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DON KIMURA MARINE SURVEYOR LTD1013 BEVERLY DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9S 2S3Marine surveyor, boats and vessels250-723-4496YesYesFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DRAIN DOCTORS & DISCOVERY HOME INSPECTIONS BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Residential & commercial property inspections/ septic & drainage services250-585-4443NoYesFeb 14, 2023OPEN
ERIC'S LANDSCAPING2253 ASHLEE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 6T5Landscaping services250-668-9035YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
EYEBRIGHT COUNSELLING SERVICES203-427 FITZWILLIAM STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 3A9Counselling, psychotherapy250-734-0320NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
FISK CONSTRUCTION INC100-5279 RUTHERFORD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 5N9General contractor250-755-9794NoYesFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
FLICKER TRANSPORT LTD5468 GODFREY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 2J2Courier and delivery service250-619-7718YesYesFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GESCAN, DIVISON OF SONEPAR CANADA INC / DBA GESCAN1905 BOXWOOD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5X9Distributor, electrical products and services403-287-5760NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GETTER DONE CHARTERS LTD BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Fishing charters250-816-0782NoNoFeb 2, 2023OPEN
GI CABINETRY LTD137-6057 DOUMONT ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 0G3Cabinetry installation403-991-8317YesNoFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GS HOSPITALITY HOLDINGS LTD51 COMMERCIAL STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5G3Commercial property rental NoNoFeb 9, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GS PRIME CONSTRUCTION LTD527 FIFTH STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 1P2Drywall installer604-317-8747YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HAPPY B&B186 STRICKLAND STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 4S2Short-term rental604-720-2938NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HARBOUR CITY DONUTS LTD Food truck604-815-7574NoNoFeb 16, 2023OPEN
HARJINDER RAI1721 KERRISDALE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 1N4Life insurance broker250-797-2512YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HIRED GUNS CREATIVE INC11-321 WESLEY STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2T5Branding, design and marketing for breweries, distilleries and wineries250-591-6965NoNoFeb 7, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HOJO'S EATS1367 COLLEGE DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9R 1M5Food truck778-369-4656NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HORIZON DRYWALL LTD3172 ROBIN HOOD DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 1P1Drywall installation, finishing, framing steel stud and insulation604-356-4261YesNoFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HUMMINGBIRD EXPERIENCE424 BRUCE AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 3Y4Consulting; self governance for Indigenous peoples778-725-5516YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
INFINITY MARKETING SERVICES2056 CATHERS DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9R 6R9Digital marketing services778-268-1326YesNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ISLAND CRISIS CARE SOCIETY3-2025 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5W6Non-profit, crisis care, administration office778-441-4227NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ISLAND GROUP OFFICES101-1801 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 1H1Commercial property rental NoNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JANICE BELL, CLINICAL COUNSELLING Online clinical counselling250-244-2929YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPEN
JAY D AUTO EMPORIUM5133 SOMERSET DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 2K5Online sales; auto parts, accessories and apparel250-213-1055YesNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JESSE'S ENTERPRISES LTD2341 DEPARTURE BAY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 3V9Building contractor250-751-7992YesNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JIM'S MOWING - BRANNEN LAKE BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Lawn care services250-816-9994NoYesFeb 2, 2023OPEN
JLA FOOD TRUCK1668 MEREDITH ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 2M4Food truck250-619-8300NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JOY MUSIC STUDIO555 RUBY CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9T 2P7Music instructor and language tutor778-885-4709YesNoFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JUNHUA FOOD LTD / DBA HUNGRY ROOSTER203-1925 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 1H1Restaurant867-875-0198NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JVD OPTIMAL HEALTH SERVICES4920 FAIRBROOK CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9T 6L6Online retail; natural medicine, health devices, health coaching778-269-5878YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
K SIDHU CONTRACTING LTD527 FIFTH STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 1P2Drywall installer604-317-8747YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KAM SOCCER INC225 FLEMING PLACE NANAIMO BC V9R 6S4Soccer camps, youth250-616-2165YesYesFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KGI GYPSUM INSTALLATIONS LTD101-1930 BOXWOOD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5Y2Wall and ceiling installations250-758-1500NoNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KOAAR COUNSELLING131 WILDLIFE PLACE NANAIMO BC V9R 6H2Counselling250-619-4336YesNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KWETU INVESTMENTS LTD / DBA JUMPING JIMINYS400-2980 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9T 5V4Indoor playground and cafe250-729-0999NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LANSON'S DRYWALL SYSTEMS LTD101-1930 BOXWOOD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5Y2Contractor, drywall250-758-1500NoYesFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LASER CENTERS FOR HEALTH8A-6421 APPLECROSS ROAD NANAIMO BC V9V 1N1Laser therapy and counselling250-933-0817NoNoFeb 7, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LASHED BY KIKI208-335 WESLEY STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2T5Lash technician250-713-7749NoNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LE BRUNCH CAFE100-366 SELBY STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2R5Restaurant NoNoFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LIDULIDU HOLDINGS LTD1861 DUFFERIN CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9S 0B1Commercial property rental NoNoFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LIFETIME DESIGNS201 PINE STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2B5Construction; landscape and architectural design build604-908-4929YesNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LOCKS BY ALISHA101-3300 NORWELL DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 3Y7Hair stylist778-746-6199NoNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LP DE CEBU UPHOLSTERY & REPAIR2029 MOUNTAIN VISTA DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 0L4Upholstery and furniture repair778-269-1623YesYesFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MADISON PAIGE HAIR DESIGNS1619 VENLAW ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 1J3Salon, hair YesNoFeb 10, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MANA COUNSELLING AND CONSULTING191 SUMMIT DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 4X7Counselling; PTSD, CPTSD, mood disorders250-802-9501YesNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MCPHERSON CABINETRY BY DESIGN LTDB-4186 DEPARTURE BAY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 4B7Office, cabinetry showroom250-585-5770NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MEMI COLLECTIVE LTD15-4131 MOSTAR ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 6A6Warehouse, online clothing brand250-413-7122NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MERRIFIELD SUITE RENTAL1732 TREVORS ROAD NANAIMO BC V9X 0A8Short-term rental NoNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
METAL MAGNATE ART LTD / DBA MAGNATE ART COLLECTIVE59-6631 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9T 4T7Art and gift store250-208-5566NoNoFeb 7, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MH SERVICES BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Snow plowing, lawn maintenance and garbage collection services250-616-9572NoYesFeb 14, 2023OPEN
MOVRGUY2895 FAIRBANKS STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 3T2Moving services, household and office250-668-7489YesYesFeb 14, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MUTTS N' SUCH PET SERVICES2345 MARLBOROUGH DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9S 3J3Pet grooming250-816-8214YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MYH NORBERG CONSULTING / DBA PAWS ON THE ISLAND2640 RANDLE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 3X2Dog walking and pet sitting services604-910-2009YesNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NANAIMO & DISTRICT HOSPITAL FOUNDATION202-1801 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 1H1Commercial property rental NoNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NB TREE SERVICE LTD6614 RHODO WAY NANAIMO BC V9T 5R8Arborist250-327-6670YesYesFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NO RUFF DAYS PET CARE SERVICES211 LADY ROSE PLACE NANAIMO BC V9S 5S3Dog walking, other pet services250-816-3390YesNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NOOK AT LAKEVIEW TERRACE320-4830 CEDAR RIDGE PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 0M8Short-term rental778-899-7715NoNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PACIFIC COAST COMMUNITY RESOURCES INC / DBA SR- BENSON VIEW2103 SPENCER ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 4L5Residential care home250-585-1568YesNoFeb 28, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PHANTOM MOBILE DETAILING INC4814 FAIRBROOK CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9T 6M6Automotive, mobile detailing778-269-1715YesYesFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PINE MECHANICAL LTD BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Contractor, plumbing604-542-8636NoNoFeb 14, 2023OPEN
PINKY'S MOBILE FOOT CARE6034 LEAH LANE NANAIMO BC V9V 1W7Foot care services, mobile250-816-7231YesYesFeb 15, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PIPE-EYE VIDEO INSPECTIONS & SERVICES LTD / DBA PIPE EYE1622 NORTHFIELD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 3A9Underground video inspection services and hydro excavation250-753-2550NoYesFeb 9, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PRIMO EXTERIOR CLEANING2149 DUGGAN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5N9Cleaning, exterior250-740-1564YesYesFeb 9, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PRO LEDGERS INC / DBA LIBERTY TAX102-1808 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5W4Accounting services250-754-2210NoNoFeb 7, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PRO LEDGERS INC / DBA LIBERTY TAX11-6421 APPLECROSS ROAD NANAIMO BC V9V 1N1Accounting services250-390-1198NoNoFeb 7, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
RAINFOREST LANDSCAPING61 LORNE PLACE NANAIMO BC V9S 3M7Landscaping services778-269-0176YesYesFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
RCL CONTRACTING810 MILLSTONE AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9S 5B2Renovations, residential250-618-6801YesYesFeb 9, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
RESILIENCE PLANNING LTD BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Consultant; urban and community planning604-700-7599NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPEN
REVAMPED3304 SHEARWATER DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 6A1Hair stylist778-772-7513YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SARAH BENSON REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPIST512 CAMPBELL STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 3H1Massage therapist, registered NoNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SEA OF SOUND206-503 COMOX ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 3J2Wellness services; sound, frequency, vibroacoustics250-713-9495NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SNAP DAWG'S BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Food cart604-925-8564NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPEN
SPOTLIGHT ACADEMY25 VICTORIA ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 4N9Instruction, coaching and coordination, acting and modeling250-714-2555NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
STALKER FAB AND EARTHWORKS LTD5914 MONASHEE WAY NANAIMO BC V9T 6A2Excavation company; office250-667-3907YesNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
STREAMSCAPE GUEST SUITE2120 BELCARRA PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 5S7Short-term rental NoNoFeb 9, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
STRONG NATIONS PUBLISHING INC2595 MCCULLOUGH ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 4M9Indigenous publisher, online book sales, office use NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SUNSHINE OPTICAL LAB621 SHAY PLACE NANAIMO BC Distributor, optical eyewear250-591-0825YesNoFeb 6, 2023OPEN
TASTY STREET FOOD TRUCK INC828 STIRLING AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 4E5Food truck778-709-9550NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
THE AMETHYST FOREST LTD229-4750 RUTHERFORD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 4K6Metaphysical giftware store250-585-4922NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
THE BARBERS RUTHERFORD HAIRSTYLING LTD244-4750 RUTHERFORD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 4K6Salon, barber and hair stylist250-758-0711NoNoFeb 6, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
THE GREENEHOUSE136 BLACK POWDER TRAIL NANAIMO BC V9S 3G6Short-term rental NoNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
THE SOAP EXCHANGE NANAIMO100-3200 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9T 1W1Biodegradable cleaning products250-751-3329NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
THE STRONG COLLECTIVE304-5800 TURNER ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 6J4Personal training studio778-668-9355NoNoFeb 7, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
TIMELESS WINDOWS CORP / DBA RENEWAL BY ANDERSEN OF BRITISH COLUMBIA BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Window and door sales and installation604-670-7867NoYesFeb 14, 2023OPEN
TRUCKENBRODT CLEAN ENERGY CONSULTING INC3223 PARTRIDGE PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 5V2Consulting; automotive and marine clean energy systems604-250-3656YesNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
TWO SPARROWS CUPCAKES112-6631 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9T 4T7Cupcakes778-269-3953NoNoFeb 17, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
TYPEFOCUS INTERNET INC BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Management training services250-477-6179NoNoFeb 2, 2023OPEN
VAN G DEVELOPMENTS LTD BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Construction, residential homes250-713-2124NoNoFeb 7, 2023OPEN
VG HOLDINGS LTD1622 NORTHFIELD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 3A9Commercial property rental NoNoFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
VI DRIVES2595 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 3L4Automotive dealership250-608-4915NoNoFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
WINDWARD HEALTHCARE INC BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Occupational therapy604-364-8631NoYesFeb 2, 2023OPEN
WIT CONSTRUCTION GROUP LTD253 MILTON STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2K5Construction, residential778-513-9999NoYesFeb 2, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
YOUNG'S OUTFITTER BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Fishing and travel guide204-296-1798NoYesFeb 2, 2023OPEN
YUVI ENTERPRISES LTD386 CAMBIE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 0G7Excavating; residential and commercial250-751-4169YesYesFeb 3, 2023OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)

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