City's Energy Management Program stayed on track for savings in 2015

$2.74M in energy savings netted since 2009


The City of Nanaimo’s Strategic Energy Management Program, in partnership with the BC Hydro Power Smart Program, has reduced its energy costs by over $247,000 in 2015 by completing a mix of building, lighting, and system upgrades. These reductions are a result of completing projects which have saved over 990,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, energy production of over 700,000 kilowatt hours per year, and reductions of 2,200 GJ natural gas and 133 tonnes of Green House Gas emissions.

The results show the City is exceeding its annual target of reducing its energy consumption by 1 per cent each year. The City spends an estimated $4 million each year on energy. Of that amount, $2.6 million or 65 per cent is spent on electricity, including lighting. The next largest cost is natural gas, which totals over $620,000 a year, or 15 per cent. Gasoline and diesel costs make up 10 per cent and 9 per cent.

Since 2009, when the City began Strategic Energy Management, the City has avoided energy costs of over $2.7 million. BC Hydro and other organizations have, or are set to provide the City with over $1.5 million in financial incentives to implement energy efficient upgrades on various City projects.

Strategic Link: Taking responsibility to be an excellent municipal government by becoming more efficient with energy use; reduce waste and Green-House-Gas emissions.

Key Points

  • The City's one per cent reduction target saves approximately $32,000 per year. In 2015, the City energy efficiency initiatives saved over $247,000; a $130,000 increase over the savings in 2014.
  • The City’s overall 2015 reduction of Green-House-Gas emissions was 2,283 tonnes. This equates to taking 438 cars off the road for one year (avoiding 881,115 litres of gasoline).


"We continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and become more energy efficient. The results of the Strategic Energy Management Program show we were on target for our goal in 2015 of reducing energy consumption by 1 per cent each year."

Infrastructure Planning and Energy Manager
City of Nanaimo

Quick Facts

  • The City of Nanaimo has had a partnership with BC Hydro for seven years to find and implement measures to increase our energy efficiency.


Scott Pamminger
Infrastructure Planning and Energy Manager
City of Nanaimo

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