Metral Drive Complete Street - Utility & Corridor Upgrades

Each year the City of Nanaimo (City) undertakes capital improvement projects driven by growth, development, asset management, and other priority-based frameworks. As part of the City’s strategic planning process the 5-year Capital Plan identifies these projects and where possible combines those of similar scope and proximity to achieve economy of scale and a comprehensive product. There are several infrastructure improvements scheduled for construction within the Metral Drive corridor in 2020. As a result, these projects have been combined to create a comprehensive project that helps achieve the City’s goal to create and build a more sustainable, multi-model network that accommodates and moves people - not only motorists.

Metral Drive Render

*Conceptual Rendering for Discussion & Consultation Purposes. 

The Metral Drive Corridor Plan aims to increase the safety and comfort for people who walk, bike, take transit, and drive while ensuring that utility upgrades within the project area are completed with the proposed surface improvements. The complete street concept will provide a comprehensive design that: Ensures comfortable and effective mobility for people of all ages and abilities. Improves safety, especially for those walking, cycling, or taking transit. Enhances public amenities in the corridor, makes the streetscape more inviting, and provides connection to other trails.  

Public Consultation

Understanding that not all streets can accommodate all modes in the same way, a survey was created to gather public feedback. This survey has since closed; however, please email if you would like to provide additional comments and feedback.  

Interested in learning more and wanting to chat in person? Everyone is busy and finding time is not always possible. So, we want to come to you! The City will be setting up a couple of informal opportunities at malls and/or community centers, with the intent of reaching a variety of Nanaimo residents. Check the website often for updates on times and exact table locations or bump into us spontaneously and let us know what you think.

Upcoming Locations Dates & Times
Woodgrove Centre

March 23, 2019 



 If you have any comments or questions on the proposed improvements or public consultation, please contact us at 250-754-4251 or email

  • Progress


    Approximate Date

    Public Input Spring 2019
    Functional Design Summer 2019
    Detailed Design Fall 2019
    Tendering & Construction 2020

    Project Update:

    May 1, 2019: Please be advised that ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd., working for the City of Nanaimo, will be completing a topographic survey along Metral Drive between Mostar Road & Turner Road.  As part of the survey, surveyors will be required to enter the edge of your property to survey existing ground elevations, fences, and trees. We anticipate the survey work to be completed between Friday, May 3, 2019 and Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

  • Documents

    Council, staff, and residents have supported complete streets principles dating back to 2002. Over 17 documents and plans have been created over the past 16 years, referencing complete streets or speaking to the principles of creating a greener, sustainable, and multi-model network that accommodates and moves people - not only motorists. 

    In 2014, Nanaimo’s City Council approved the Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan (NTMP), which included recommendations to create complete street standards and to expand the cycling network. One identified project included the construction of facilities on Metral Drive from Mostar Rd to Aulds Rd. 

    Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan

  • Details

    The project has been separated into two phases:Metral Map

    Phase I - Mostar Road to Turner Road (2018-2020)

    The objectives for Phase I include the completion of design and construction of Metral Drive from Mostar Road to Turner Road. A consultant will be hired to complete a functional and detailed design, with construction currently planned for 2020.

    Phase II - Turner Road to Aulds Road (TBD)

    The functional design of the Metral Drive Corridor will be completed within the scope of Phase I to provide a more cohesive design. However, the construction of the portion from Turner Road to Aulds Road is currently unknown.    

  • Background

    The Metral Drive Corridor project stretches from Mostar Road to Aulds Road and is classified as a major collector road within the Nanaimo network carrying approximately 6500 vehicles a day. It connects the Woodgrove and Nanaimo North Town Center mobility hubs and currently RDN Transit runs the #15, #25, and #30 along the corridor. 

    Located within the Rutherford/Pleasant Valley neighbourhoods, the corridor services commercial land use and multi-family residential at the north and south limits, with single family residential in between. With a school and senior housing along the corridor, it is important to design for all ages and abilities.


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