June 17, 2024 Regular Council Summary


Colin Stansfield, CEO of the Nanaimo Prosperity Corporation (NPC), was introduced to Council and provided an update on NPC’s plans. 

Section 8a

Committee Recommendations

  • Council directed staff to continue to work on elementary school speed limits, applying 30 km/h school zones where the Motor Vehicle Act requirements can be achieved, and applying 30 km/h regulatory speed limits where Motor Vehicle Act requirements cannot be achieved.
  • Council directed staff to return with a draft Alternative Approval Process policy that includes: 
    • That the method of communication/engagement be considered on a case-by-case basis based on the scale and the borrowing amount of the project;
    • That the number of response forms be limited to 10 forms per person for the duration of the AAP period; and
    • Options for mailing out response forms and receiving response forms electronically. 
  • Council directed staff to prepare a resolution for the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual convention outlining issues around the clarity and process of the legislation that governs the Alternative Approval Process.
  • Council directed staff to send a letter to the Province requesting that amendments be made to improve the legislation for the Alternative Approval Process.
  • The following recommendations were referred to the Nanaimo Systems Planning Organization for consideration as part of their ongoing work on the implementation of the Nanaimo Health and Housing Action Plan:
    • That Council:
      1. Recognize that homelessness in Nanaimo is an existential crisis that must be addressed with a fulsome response
      2. Formally endorse the concept that homelessness violates the principle of human dignity
      3. Adopt Housing First Plus as the foundational element of a homelessness strategy
      4. Create a purpose driven Housing First Plus position
      5. Develop a robust plan to minimize the number of people at risk of homelessness
Sections 10a-c


Nancy Mitchell and Karen Kuwica, representing the Newcastle Community Association, spoke regarding concerns with vacant properties and implementing a vacant property bylaw.

Section 11a

Alan Clarke spoke regarding Bylaw No 7224.05.

Section 11b


Council approved the 2023 Annual Municipal Report.

Section 12a

“Respectful Spaces Bylaw 2024 No.7381” (a bylaw to promote a safe, healthy, respectful and positive environment for members of the public, volunteers, Council and Staff) and “Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment Bylaw 2024 No. 7159.20” (a bylaw to assign fines for violations against the Respectful  Spaces Bylaw) both passed three readings. The Respectful Spaces Bylaw provides formal processes to deal with incidents of inappropriate behaviours that occur around City facilities and properties.

Section 12b

Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaws for Downtown and for Hotels and Motels both passed three readings. Both bylaws establish an exemption program for a five-year period.

Sections 12d,e

“Officer Designation and Delegation of Authority Amendment Bylaw 2024 No. 7353.02” (a bylaw to reference the Respectful Spaces Bylaw and Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaws within Schedule “A” and to update staff titles) passed three readings.

Section 12c

Council approved an amended Revitalization Tax Exemption Agreement for a multi-family development at 220 Haliburton Street.

Section 12f

Council directed Staff to bring forward:
  • a Zoning Bylaw amendment to rezone 1681 Boundary Avenue and 1600 Dufferin Crescent to align zoning with the existing multiple family dwelling use, and 398 Bruce Avenue to align zoning with the existing office use; and,
  • any associated administrative bylaw amendments following the termination of Land Use Contracts on 2024-JUN-30.

Section 12g

A rezoning application for 330 and 338 Ninth Street, to allow for a multi-family residential development, passed three readings. 

Section 12h

A rezoning application for 266, 268 Bryden Street, 251, 255 Mt Benson Street, and 250 Terminal Avenue North, to allow for a personal care facility and affordable housing development, passed three readings. Before being endorsed, the bylaw was amended to remove Office and Social Service Resource Centre as accessory uses and to increase the required fence height from 2.4m to 2.75m. Council also authorized a road closure and disposition of a portion of Bryden Street and passed two readings of the associated Highway Closure and Dedication Removal Bylaw. To learn more about this project, visit the BC Housing project page for 250 Terminal.

Section 12i

A Development Permit was issued for 19 Nicol Street, to allow for the redevelopment of a personal care facility and social service resource centre (Salvation Army New Hope Centre).

Section 12j

A Development Permit was issued for 580 Rosehill Street, to allow for a multi-family development.

Section 12k

Bylaw Updates

“Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2023 No. 4500.211” (to rezone 2453 Labieux Road from Single Dwelling Residential [R1] to Low Density Residential [R6] with site-specific height) was adopted.

Section 13a

“Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2024 No. 4500.223” (amendments to implement the Increasing Housing Options and Provincial Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing legislation) was adopted.

Section 13b

“Building Amendment Bylaw 2024 No. 7224.07” (amendments to implement the Increasing Housing Options and Provincial Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing legislation) was adopted.

Section 13c

“Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw 2024 No. 7336.09” (a bylaw to change electric vehicle charging connection fees) was adopted.

Section 13d

“Highway Closure and Dedication Removal Bylaw 2024 No. 7370” (to provide for highway closure and dedication removal of a portion of Northfield Road adjacent to 2300 Northfield Road) passed third reading.

Section 13e

“Transit-Oriented Areas Designation Bylaw 2024 No. 7382” (to implement transit-oriented areas as required by Bill 47 – Housing Statutes and associated regulations) was adopted.

Section 13f

Other Business

Council provided support for the Nanaimo RCMP 2024 Community priority issues as presented on 2024-MAY-06:
  1. Crime Reduction
  2. Employee Wellness
  3. Inclusion and Representation
  4. Community Public Safety
  5. Recruiting

Section 16a

Council directed Staff to submit the following resolution to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities for consideration at their 2024 Annual General Meeting:

"WHEREAS the Alternative Approval Process as a means to obtain approval of the electors as outlined in Section 86 of the Community Charter is lacking clarity as it relates to public notice requirements stated in Section 94.2;

AND WHEREAS the document “Alternative Approval Process: A Guide for Local Governments in British Columbia” states that “local governments may choose to allow electors to submit response forms by e-mail or by fax” but provides no clear process or guidelines though noting that these electronic response forms are not covered by provincial legislation;  

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Province of British Columbia amend the legislation in the Community Charter pertaining to Alternative Approval Processes to clarify: 

  1. how Section 94.2 interacts with Section 86 in terms of publication of the first and second notice;
  2. the timing as to whether a local government can receive a completed elector response form before the second publication; and
  3. clear requirements for accepting elector response forms electronically including:
    • acceptable methods of receipt;
    • whether electronic elector response forms require an original copy to be submitted with the original signature; and,
    • if electronic elector response forms are received and an original copy is required if the original copy must also be received before the deadline."

Section 16b

In response to the delegation under agenda item 11a, Council directed staff to provide a report regarding options for regulating vacant properties.

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