November 16, 2020 Regular Council Summary

Presentations to Council 

City of Nanaimo - Snow and Ice Preparedness Winter 2020/2021
David Thompson, Manager, Roads and Traffic Services, provided Council with a PowerPoint presentation on Snow and Ice Preparedness, Winter 2020/2021.
Section 8 a

Consent Items

Consent Items group discussion points into a single area on the agenda labeled “Consent Items.” This procedure allows decision-makers to group consent items together under one heading and approve them in one action or to consider and vote on each item separately if discussion is needed (for more information, please see Section 14 of the City’s Procedural Bylaw).

Environment Committee 2020-NOV-04

Environmental Responsibility Framework

Council directed Staff to prepare a report regarding the following three items to bring forward at a future Governance and Priorities Committee meeting for further discussion between Council and the REIMAGINE Nanaimo team:

  • Consider replacing Key Focus Area 1 under the Environmental Responsibility Key Focus Area with: “We will take responsibility to build a city and community that operates within the planetary boundaries necessary to maintain core life-sustaining ecological functions”.

  • For the City of Nanaimo to adopt the Doughnut Economic Model as a cohesive vision for all City initiatives and planning processes, focused on social and environmental sustainability as defined by the model, and be supported by a localized,  objective-based, and evidence-based framework through the REIMAGINE Nanaimo process.

  • Amend the Environment Committee Work Plan and re-focus it to address the environmental components of the social and environmental sustainability framework.
    Section 10 a, 1

2021 Environment Committee Key Date Calendar
The 2021 Environment Committee Key Date Calendar was approved by Council. 2021 meetings will be scheduled on Wednesdays from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. every two months.
Section 10 a, 2

Special Economic Development Task Force 2020-NOV-06

Economic Development Task Force Collaboration with Health and Housing Task Force
The Economic Development Task Force will continue preparation of its economic development strategy, which incorporates efforts to promote and link health and wellbeing and continues the pursuit of the Nanaimo Prosperity Agency focused on the implementation of the economic development strategy. The two initiatives (Economic Development initiative and Health and Housing initiative) will explore opportunities to share back of house resources and maintain constant communication and strategic alignment.
Section 10 b, 1

Reports to Council

90 & 94 Victoria Road - Maintenance of Property Bylaw Appeal
Council directed Staff to proceed with enforcement action to rectify contraventions of “Property Maintenance and Standards Bylaw 2017 No. 7242” at the properties 90 and 94 Victoria Road.
Section 12 a

Animal Responsibility Bylaw
The purpose of this report was to bring forward the modernized Animal Responsibility Bylaw that includes provisions for animal welfare, control, licensing, duties of animal owners, penalties and enforcement as per the recommendations outlined in the Animal Control Service Review and as endorsed at the 2020-NOV-09 Governance and Priorities Committee.

The draft “Animal Responsibility Bylaw 2020 No. 7316” will be delayed until staff have had the opportunity to post the draft Bylaw to Get Involved Nanaimo, the City’s public engagement platform hosted through Bang the Table. There will be 3 weeks of public input and a report created on that input for consideration of changes that might be incorporated into the draft Bylaw, and brought back to Council for three readings in early January.
Section 12 b, 1

Opal Road Intersection Operation
The purpose of this report was to advise Council of the traffic calming efforts on Opal Road and seek Council’s consideration regarding additional measures to further control illegal and unsafe traffic movements at the intersection of Opal Road and Rock City Road.

Council directed Staff to monitor the existing situation and report findings in May 2021.
Section 12 c

Lost Lake Road Traffic Calming Update
Council was provided with updated information regarding the status of the traffic calming project on Lost Lake Road.
Section 12 d

Bay Street Traffic Calming Update
Council was provided with updated information on the Bay Street Traffic Calming Pilot Project and to seek approval to make the speed humps permanent.

Council directed Staff to install two speed humps and one raised crosswalk on Bay Street between Glenayr Drive and Departure Bay Road.
Section 12 e

Development Permit Application No. DP1176 - 611 Kennedy Street
Council was provided a development permit application for consideration for a two-storey, multi-family residential building with four dwelling units at 611 Kennedy Street.

Council issued Development Permit No. DP1176 at 611 Kennedy Street with a variance to increase the maximum allowable percentage of small-car parking spaces from 40% to 100%.
Section 12 f

Vancouver Island Regional Library Board 2021 Appointments
The purpose of this report was to request that Council appoint one trustee and one alternate on the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board of Trustees.

Council appointed Councillor Hemmens as the trustee and Councillor Maartman as the alternate to the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board of Trustees for the January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 term.
Section 12 g

Revised 2021 Regional District of Nanaimo Board Appointments
The purpose of this report was to request that Council rescind the appointment of Councillor Turley as a Director on the Regional District of Nanaimo Board and appoint Councillor Maartman to the Board.

Council rescinded the appointment of Councillor Turley as a Director on the Regional District of Nanaimo Board, appointing Councillor Maartman as a Director and Councillor Turley as an alternate Director on the board for the term ending 2021-DEC-31.
Section 12 h


The following Bylaws were adopted:

"Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 4500.139
“Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 4500.139” (RA416 - To rezone 1483 Bowen Road to allow “Cannabis Retail Store” as a site-specific use in the Community Corridor [COR3] Zone).
Section 13 a

"Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 4500.140"
“Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 4500.140” (RA417 - To rezone 510 Fifth Street to allow “Cannabis Retail Store” as a site-specific use in the City Commercial Centre [CC3] Zone).
Section 13 b

"Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 4500.164"
"Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2019 No. 4500.164" (RA398 - to rezone 307 Hillcrest Avenue and 308 and 326 Wakesiah Avenue from Single Dwelling Residential [R1] and Residential Corridor [COR1] to Mixed Use Corridor [COR2] with a site-specific use to allow for a mixed-use student housing development).
Section 13 c

Other Business

Councillor Geselbracht - Notice of Motion re:  Riparian Review
The City’s regulatory framework for watercourses will be reviewed and revised as part of the REIMAGINE Nanaimo process in order to improve the protection of city watercourse riparian areas for the full range of the important environmental and community benefits they provide.
Section 15 a

November 16, 2020 Council Meeting – agenda, documents and video


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