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Heritage Buildings

The City of Nanaimo has a diverse collection of heritage buildings.  These buildings are a tangible reminder of the City’s past and tell the story of its growth and evolution since the early 1850s.

Heritage Building Videos

The following videos are intended to promote awareness of Nanaimo’s built heritage with each building being featured from a unique “Seagull Eye” aerial perspective.  The aerial videos in this series provide a new way to view some of Nanaimo’s most important historical buildings.  Captured via drone, the videos are a great way to see Nanaimo’s oldest, and most historically important buildings, in a fresh new way.

The videos will be posted every second Friday starting November 4, 2016. 

Start the playlist below and see all the published Seagull Eye videos. Subscribe to the City's YouTube Channel to get notified of the latest videos.

Heritage Register

Created in 2002, a Community Heritage Register is an official list of properties identified by the City of Nanaimo as having heritage value.  In 1994, the Province of British Columbia passed legislation in the Local Government Act that enabled local governments to better integrate heritage conservation activities into the mainstream of development and community planning.  This legislation gave municipalities new planning tools and more powerful incentives to encourage conservation.  One of the key planning tools was the heritage register.  The idea behind the register was that if a community identified its most significant heritage properties it could then better target its conservation efforts.

The Heritage Register

What is a Community Heritage Register?

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