Lost Lake Road Traffic Calming

What's New? 

At the November 27, 2023 Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting, Staff provided an update to the Committee regarding traffic calming to date on Lost Lake Road, see the Documents tab at the bottom of the page.

In spring 2023, Staff conducted a poll with the residents that would be affected by additional potential traffic calming, and 73% of residents had concerns or were not in favor, so no further plans are currently in place.

What Happened Previously? 

In 2022, the City reviewed how the pilot traffic calming treatments worked for Lost Lake Road, what needs to be improved, and how to improve it. The insights from this exercise prompted the next version of Lost Lake Road Traffic Calming.

In this 2023 version, besides the existing traffic calming features, three additional speed humps are being proposed along with bollards and modular concrete medians at the west end of Lost Lake Road. This proposed plan is summarized below. For the Detailed Traffic Calming Plan, see the Documents tab at the bottom of the page.

The Lost Lake Road Traffic Calming pilot installations were completed and evaluated in 2021. The design which included speed humps, raised crosswalks, centerline treatments, and flexible bollards, focused on reducing travel speeds along the road. The flexible bollards were removed in early winter to help crews look after snow and ice. 

Traffic speeds were collected before and after the implementation of traffic calming treatments, and the results are shown below.