Midtown Water Supply Upgrades

The Midtown Water Supply Project will construct two large water pipelines to replace the aging and undersized current infrastructure that transmits potable drinking water to the central and northern areas of the City. This project will enhance the existing water supply network and build resiliency within the core of the City.

The proposed new Primary Transmission watermain will deliver potable treated water from a connection point at College Drive near the Nanaimo Parkway to the Labieux Road pump station.

The proposed Secondary Transmission watermain will provide redundancy and deliver potable treated water along Bowen Road from Pryde Avenue to East Wellington Road, along East Wellington to the Nanaimo Parkway, then the watermain will have the same alignment as the new Primary watermain to the Labieux Road pump station. 

The project will be completed in two phases over the next few years.

Phase 1 

Phase 1 (purple circle) will build a new Secondary transmission watermain that will deliver potable treated water from the Pryde Avenue pump station to the Labieux Road pump station. The northern half of the new Primary water supply main shall also be built in Phase 1 of the project.

Upgrades of the City’s distribution watermains and pressure reducing stations will also be constructed as part of Phase 1 in the East Wellington Road / Bowen Road / James Way area of the City.

Phase 1 is actively under construction within two City construction projects, the Midtown Water Supply Upgrades Project and the Midtown Gateway Project. The  Midtown Gateway Project is transforming a legacy brownfield site impacted by past industrial activity into a revitalized neighbourhood gateway.  Learn more about this important project by visiting:


Once in service the new Secondary will be fed from the College Drive reservoirs, supplying potable water to the distributions zones in the midtown areas of the City network providing resiliency for growth and existing demand in these neighbourhoods. The pipe material that broke in 2020 under Bowen Road will no longer be in use as the Primary feed to the northern and central neighbourhoods of Nanaimo.

Phase 2 

Phase 2 (pink rectangle) will complete the construction of the Primary water supply main along the east side of the Nanaimo Parkway from East Wellington Road to a connection point south of the College Drive Reservoirs at Fifth Street and College Drive. 

Phase 2 is actively under construction. Once in service the Primary main will use the Water Treatment Plant elevation to provide a higher pressure to the Labieux Station reducing the requirement to pump to the northern neighbourhoods of the City. In addition, Phase 2 completion provides the support for Phase 3, a new water supply main and reservoir installation to support the growth and water needs of the northern neighbourhoods.  


  • Increased water supply to the City to accommodate future growth and improved firefighting capabilities.
  • Improved strength and resilience of the water supply system in the mid-town section of the City.
  • Improved water quality to all water consumers.
  • Enhanced operation and ability to efficiently deliver on ever increasing water demands.

Beban Park Affected

Construction will begin within Beban Park in September 2022 and continue intermittently over the duration of the multi year project. When visiting the park pay attention to traffic control personnel and construction signage. Facilities and park spaces will be open to the public, however in an effort to protect the public and provide a safe working area certain areas of the Beban Park will be closed for all non-construction personnel. 

Streets Affected by Phase 1

  • Nanaimo Parkway - East Wellington Road to Northfield Road
  • Northfield Road - Nanaimo Parkway to Boxwood Road
  • Midtown Gateway  - Boxwood Road to Bowen Road
  • Beban Parkway - Bowen Road to Labieux Road 
  • Labieux Road - Beban Parkway to roundabout
  • East Wellington Road - Nanaimo Parkway to Bowen Road
  • Bowen Road - Pryde Avenue to Park Road
  • Madsen Road - Griffiths Road to East Wellington Road
  • Park Road - Bowen Road to end
  • Crescent View Drive - Park Road to Boundary Avenue

 Streets Affected by Phase 2

  • Nanaimo Parkway - College Drive to East Wellington Road (including a road crossing at the rear of VIU)
  • Black Diamond Drive - Crow's Nest Place (crossing Venuti Way) to Jingle Pot Road
  • Jingle Pot Road - road crossing at Black Diamond Drive

Current Traffic Advisory and the Potential Commute Delays