Extension Road Traffic Calming

After over a year of planning and design, the Extension Road Traffic Calming pilot is being implemented in 2023 and construction is scheduled for this summer. This project includes proposed traffic calming features such as raised crosswalks or speed tables, concrete medians, flexible delineators, curb extension, signage, and road markings.

At this point, the layout is in draft form and the City is seeking public feedback. The deadline for public feedback is February 19, 2023.

These traffic calming features are anticipated to moderate speeds within the fastest parts of Extension Road, while seeking to minimize inconvenience for road users using Extension Road to access their neighbourhood. We also aim to maintain accepted response time targets for emergency vehicles and minimize impacts on transit buses and their riders.

The project area is approximately a two-kilometer stretch of Extension from Cranberry Ave to the intersection of Flagstone Rd and Cinnabar Dr. The proposed traffic calming measures are summarized below (see Documents tab for the full conceptual design).