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Snow Update - January 19, 2024

As the current snowfall period comes to an end and warmer temperatures are coming, there will be a lot of melting snow, slushy roads and possible flooding. Expect roads to be slippery today with a lot of splash zones as melting snow slowly drains off.

Public Works crews will be out there today helping to clear catch basins and keeping that melt water flowing away. Where its safe, if you know where a catch basin or storm drain sits near your home or business, clearing the snow off of it can help reduce the chance of flooding in your neighbourhood. If flooding occurs, sand and sand bags for filling (bring a shovel and ties) are available at the Public Works yard. To report flooding, please call Public Works 24-hour hotline at 250-758-5222. For more information, visit the Flood Control page on the City website.

Parks, Recreation & Culture facilities are open and regular programs are running (unless you have been contacted about a specific program cancellation for today).

    For more programming updates, visit the Parks, Recreation & Culture page on the City website and on the City of Nanaimo Facebook page.

    On the Roads

    Our crews had 15 trucks, one backhoe and two contractor trucks working through the night. For our road crews today, it's all about cleanup and making sure that melt water flows away appropriately. Please drive cautiously around crews and give them room to work.

    Please also remember that City trucks may slip and slide in these conditions as well, and some of these are extremely heavy vehicles. Give plenty of space and stay safe out there.

    Drivers, while roads are mostly drivable, they will still be slushy and slippery. If you have to be on the roads today, be prepared for slippery driving conditions and watch for flooded patches that may splash pedestrians, cyclists or other drivers. Plan your route appropriately and have patience out there.

    If you are walking and cycling, please make sure vehicles can see you by wearing high visibility clothing and, if possible, a light. Pedestrians, please make sure vehicles have come to a complete stop before you cross the street.

    Victoria Rd. remains closed to all but local traffic between Needham and Rainer for ongoing investigations related to a sinkhole forming.

    Find more information on the City's response to Snow and Ice.

    Garbage and Recycling

    Crews are making their way through today's scheduled collection routes. However, some routes or sections of routes may be missed due to road conditions where they are unable to access areas to collect. 
    For residents with missed collections, the City will accommodate for extra recycling and garbage collection. Residents with missed recycling collection will be able to put extra recycling out on their next scheduled recycling collection day. Similarly, for missed garbage collection, residents will be able to put extra garbage out on their next scheduled garbage collection day.
    Recyclables: When putting out extra recyclables on your next recycling day, please place them in an easy-to-empty reusable container or tote if possible, and place this 1 metre behind or beside your blue cart when you take it to the curbside for pickup. If a reusable container or tote is not available, a cardboard box may be used. The volume of extra recyclables put out must not exceed the capacity of the blue cart and the size of the container used must not be greater in width than the blue cart.

    Garbage: When putting out extra garbage on your next garbage pickup day, please place your bag (up to two) 1 metre to the side or behind the black cart (not in front) and ensure that they are tied. An extra garbage bag cannot exceed 60 litres in capacity and must not weigh more than 25 lbs.

    The City continues to monitor road conditions and will be updating the City’s website and the Nanaimo Recycles app (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store). 

    Stay up to date with Garbage and Recycling collection.

    Parks and Recreation

    All Parks, Recreation and Culture facilities are open and programs are running.

    Please do not venture out onto local lakes as they are not completely frozen.

      Please use caution in Nanaimo's parks. Trails, boardwalks, bridges, stairs and playground equipment can become slippery and hazardous when there is snow, ice, and melting snow.

      If cancellations or closures do occur, you can check before you come. Stay up to date with Parks, Recreation and Culture.

      Around Your Home/Business

      To help avoid flooding, please clear ice, snow, leaves and debris from catch basins and storm drains in front of your property. If flooding occurs, sand and sand bags for filling (bring a shovel and ties) are available at the Public Works yard. To report flooding, please call Public Works 24-hour hotline at 250-758-5222.

      Thank you to residents and businesses who clear sidewalks in front of their properties. 

      Please do your best to remove snow and ice from sidewalks in front of your property within 24 hours, so that pedestrians have a safe place to walk and can stay clear of oncoming traffic. Please do not shovel snow onto the road. If you know of someone who may need a helping hand, please reach out to them. 

      The City clears sidewalks around parks, bridges, commuter trails and major City facilities as quickly as staff can get to them.

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