Invasive Plant Awareness Month: Get Involved, Have Some Fun!

May 03, 2013 |


There are some great opportunities to get involved in our community in a fun, and helpful way. One way to do this by participating in planned work parties to remove invasive species or organize your own neighbourhood work party. Work Parties offer a way to come together to help remove invasive plants, restore natural ecosystems and contribute in and around where you live, participating at your own speed and energy level.

Most Work Parties have been scheduled for 2 hours, morning and afternoons throughout the month of May. City staff have scoped out locations around Nanaimo that have a large amount of invasive plants. Species like English Ivy, Himilayan Blackberry, Scotch Broom, Daphne and Holly are the usual suspects.

Pulling invasive plants in our local parks is an easy and fun way to get some exercise in the great outdoors, meet up with neighbours and make a difference in the health of our parks. It’s fun. You will chat, and get to know each other every time you meet. It’s also a great way to get some exercise- You’ll be finding a few muscles calling out the next day. Most importantly, it makes a big difference in maintaining the health of the park.

To help get rid of Invasive Plants by joining a work party or organizing your own visit our Invasive Plant Section on  You will also find a calendar of events, drop off zones, and more information about invasive plants in Nanaimo. When needed proper equipment is provided by the City of Nanaimo at scheduled work parties. Remember to dress for the weather, bring some thick gloves, and, of course, your smile. You are likely to meet new friends.


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