Nanaimo's Food Strategy

Apr 09, 2013 |
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The City of Nanaimo is preparing a Nanaimo Food Charter and Food Strategy, which is intended to focus on the specific needs, assets and desires of the community in achieving a healthy, prosperous and sustainable food system.

Have you:

  • Thought about ways we can be healthier and improve our community through food?
  • Thought about how we can create more business opportunities and jobs through food?
  • Met other people who also have great ideas about food, and are willing to share them?

Have you thought about…

  • Growing more food locally?  From your back yard?  Local farms?
  • Keeping livestock or bees for food production?  What does that look like?
  • Manufacturing local food products?  Jam?  Seafood?  Other specialty items?
  • Unique ways to celebrate food?
  • Innovative ways to provide more affordable food?  What about emergency situations?
  • Other cities (places) where you’ve seen unique food ideas unfold?  What does that look like for Nanaimo?

What about other ideas? 

Join our Conversation!  Add your comments about Nanaimo’s food future to the comments below.


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