Protecting and Restoring Our Environment

The City recognizes the importance of healthy, functioning ecosystems, which support an array of wildlife species and enhance the quality of life for people. The City works with a number of community partners to protect and restore urban natural areas that provide productive fish and wildlife habitat or contain sensitive, rare or depleted ecosystems and landforms that represent Nanaimo's natural diversity.

Managing for Invasive Plants

An invasive plant is a non-native plant that has the potential to negatively impact the composition, structure and function of native ecosystems.

The spread of invasive plants has become a major concern for ecologists, naturalists, residents, and land managers across British Columbia. 

The City of Nanaimo is committed to preventing new invasive plants from becoming established in our parks and controlling invasive plants that pose a health concern for the public.

Partnering with a number of community volunteers, City Parks staff work to remove and manage priority invasive plants from a number of sites within our park system. Learn more about volunteering in your local park.

Invasive Plants

  • Himalayan Blackberry

  • English Ivy

  • Scotch Broom

  • English Hawthorn

  • Gorse

  • Daphne / Spurge-Laurel

  • Japanese Knotweed

  • Policeman's Helmet \ Himalayan Balsam

  • Garlic Mustard

  • Carpet Burweed

Toxic Invasive Plans

  • Giant Hogweed

  • Poison Hemlock

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Join a Parks "Partners in Parks Team"

Join a "Partners in Parks Team" and meet new people, get some great exercise and help protect and preserve our parks for the future. For more info, check out our events planned for Invasive Plant Month.

Last updated: November 1, 2017

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