Going green drives the City to silver and a new vehicle fleet strategy


On May 11, 2020, Nanaimo City Council adopted a new Green Fleet Strategy that includes efficiency targets outlined by E3 Fleet; a unique Canadian program that helps fleet owners continually improve their energy and environmental performance. In February 2020, the City of Nanaimo was awarded a silver E3 Fleet Award for its current achievements in driving towards environmental responsibility.

Nanaimo relies on its fleet of vehicles to provide many essential services in the community. The City recognizes that vehicles are a major source of air pollutants that contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With growing concerns over climate change, the City of Nanaimo is taking a leadership role in energy conservation, fuel efficiency and reducing GHG emissions. In April of 2019, Nanaimo Council declared a climate emergency and made Environmental Responsibility a cornerstone of their strategic plan.

As for the award, the City is proud to be recognized as an environmental leader. Taking a lead in GHG emissions reduction means much more than just switching to hybrid or electric vehicles. Considerations for the award include a review of fleet practices, from idling reduction to operations and maintenance choices, to having the most efficient vehicle for each intended use, driver training and awareness, and an overall green action plan for the fleet.

Link to Strategic Plan: Council adopted the new green fleet strategy as a part of its commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Key Points

  • On May 11, 2020, Nanaimo City Council adopted a new Green Fleet Strategy aimed at reducing GHG emissions and supporting Council's commitment to looking after the environment.
  • A silver E3 (Energy Environment Excellence) Fleet Award has been awarded to the City of Nanaimo. The E3 Fleet Review and Rating places Nanaimo in league with other major fleets across Canada.
  • Fleet Services has been dedicated to reducing fuel consumption and fleet vehicle emissions. This award reflects the City's dedication towards being environmentally responsible by implementing a higher level of fleet management.


"The City’s vehicles are coloured a basic white and Council is thrilled that staff are keeping them 'green.' The Green Fleet Strategy and E3 Fleet award prove that every little step in efficiency helps; that every time we turn off the ignition to avoid idling, or charge-up rather than fuel-up, we're collectively driving towards a more sustainable future."

City of Nanaimo

"The City of Nanaimo has been committed to lowering the fleet’s environmental impact by implementing innovative ideas, lowering fuel consumption and reducing our GHG emissions. A special thank you to Fleet staff for their work on this initiative and helping us get this recognition and award. I would like to challenge other municipal fleets on Vancouver Island to join Nanaimo in our efforts to lead by example."

General Manager, Engineering and Public Works
City of Nanaimo

"Whether it's a trail ready e-bike, a plug-in hybrid electric commuter, or a CNG powered recycling truck, right-sizing a vehicle means looking at the needs of the vehicle from a lot of different angles. Sustainability, predicted life span, cost-analysis and the vehicle's daily use all factor into the choices we make."

Acting Manager, Fleet Operations
City of Nanaimo

Quick Facts

  • E3 Fleet is a national program dedicated to green performance in fleets of vehicles. The program is under the management of Richmond Sustainabiliy Initiatives.
  • On April 29, 2019, Council officially declared a climate emergency to support the community and the organization in taking significant steps towards building a resilient Nanaimo.
  • Nanaimo is the only municipality to have an E3 Fleet rating on Vancouver Island, and challenges other communities to take this step in GHG emissions reduction as well.




Bill Sims
General Manager, Engineering and Public Works
City of Nanaimo

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