Emergency Preparedness Week is May 6 to May 12

Plan, Prepare, Be Aware.


As we go about our everyday lives, emergencies may seem like a distant possibility. Emergencies, however, can happen anytime and anywhere. Making an Emergency Kit, having an emergency plan and knowing the risks are crucial to minimize the impact.

Being prepared is important and something the whole family can do. By taking a few simple steps, you can be ready to face the range of emergencies that can occur in our community and minimize the impact on you and your loved ones.

During Emergency Preparedness Week, Nanaimo Fire Rescue crews will be distributing information on how business and residents can prepare for an emergency as they are out in the community. In addition, residents in the Long Lake Heights area will be participating in the Fire Smart program by having a wildland hazard assessment completed in their area by the City's Local FireSmart representative.

During the month of May, City of Nanaimo Emergency Program volunteers will be at the RCMP open house as well as the Public Works Day for students providing Emergency Preparedness information.

Mark Emergency Preparedness Week by making an Emergency Kit. For more information about how you can prepare for emergencies visit www.nanaimo.ca and visit the Emergency Management page or www.gov.bc.ca/preparedbc. For information about Fire Smart call Nanaimo Fire Rescue at 250-753-7311,

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Key Points

  • Emergency Preparedness Week is a national event coordinated by Public Safety Canada.
  • The City of Nanaimo is encouraging residents to make a kit during this week or check their kits if you already have one.
  • Plan, Prepare, Be Aware! Know the risks in the community and prepare for emergencies.


"Emergency Preparedness Week is a reminder of the unpredictability of emergency situations and the importance of being prepared as individuals and as a community.

Families should be prepared to take care of themselves at the very minimum for 72 hours, but more realistically we need to prepare for 7 days given our geographic location. During Emergency Preparedness week we encourage residents to make an Emergency Plan and Kit for your loved ones and pets."

Emergency Program Manager
City of Nanaimo

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 85% of Canadians agree that having an emergency kit is important in ensuring their and their family‚Äôs safety, yet only 40% have prepared or bought an emergency kit.
  • Using non-voice communication technology like text messaging, email, or social media instead of telephones takes up less bandwidth and helps reduce network congestion after an emergency.


How to Prepare an Emergency Kit
How to Prepare an Emergency Kit


Karen Lindsay
Emergency Program Manager
City of Nanaimo

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