City reminds motorists not to leave valuables in vehicle


Motorists are being reminded that simple preventative steps can save them from being a target of a vehicle break in. If given the opportunity, thieves will take anything that's easy to see. Thefts from vehicles is a problem throughout the province, including Nanaimo. The ten most stolen items are:

1. Smart phones

2. Personal electronics - tablets, laptops, iPods, GPS devices

3. Work tools

4. Credit cards and identification

5. Stereo equipment

6. Cash and change

7. Car parts and accessories

8. Garage door openers

9. Sunglasses

10. Keys

Strategic Link: Public safety is a priority for the City of Nanaimo

Key Points

  • Remove possessions from your vehicle - shopping bags, tools, spare change, electronics, brief cases, etc. Put anything that could tempt a thief in the trunk.
  • Park in secure, well-lit areas near pedestrian traffic. Always lock doors and close windows, even if you’re away from your vehicle for just a few minutes.


"By practicing due diligence you can protect your belongings from theft."

Manager of Bylaw Regulation and Security
City of Nanaimo

Quick Facts

  • The most popularly stolen vehicles in B.C. in 2015 were (1) Honda Civic/CRX, (2) Honda Accord, (3) Ford F350, (4) Acura Integra, (5) Ford F-150XLT and (6) Ford F250 Supercab


Rod Davidson
Manager Bylaw, Regulation and Security
City of Nanaimo

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