Public reminded to not use ice on local lakes


The City of Nanaimo is reminding the public that the ice on all lakes, ponds and water sources in Nanaimo is currently unsafe.

Ice safety guides state that for ice to support humans safely it needs to be a minimum of 15 cm thick. Ice needs at least 7 days of temperatures reaching minus 7 degrees Celsius before it may become safe and local climatic factors such as wind, snow, rain and temperature fluctuations affect this considerably. These conditions have not been met in Nanaimo.

The following rules should always be followed to ensure ice safety:

* Never assume the ice is safe.

* Never skate on an untested lake or pond.

* The only safe ice is at a rink.

* Never use ice for a shortcut.

* Never go out onto ice after an animal or toy.

Thin ice signs are posted at all lakes in Nanaimo. For more information please contact Nanaimo Parks and Recreation at 250-756-5200.

Strategic Link: Public Safety: supporting the collective well being of our community by protecting the lives of all our residents.

Key Points

  • At this point in time, the ice on Nanaimo's lakes, ponds and waterways is not safe to use.
  • The temperatures have been too warm for a thick enough layer of ice to form on local water sources that can be safely used.
  • Nanaimo Fire Rescue will be at Westwood Lake twice a day to ensure the ice is not being used.


"Even if there is ice on a lake or pond, if you see open water, it means the ice is not safe to wander out to. Please stay safe and stay off the thin ice."

Manager, Parks Operations
City of Nanaimo

"Do not venture out on to the ice and put yourself and others at risk. Nanaimo Fire Rescue will be checking Westwood Lake to ensure people are not using the ice."

Fire Chief
City of Nanaimo


Craig Richardson
Fire Chief
City of Nanaimo
Al Britton
Manager, Parks Operations
City of Nanaimo

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