Harewood Bikeway

Nanaimo City Council approved the Transportation Master Plan in 2014. Their vision is that cycling will be safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. It will connect key areas and activities and contribute to the health and sustainability of the community. The objective is to increase cycling from 3000 trips per day to 15,000 trips by 2041.

Once fully completed, this proposed 5.4 km route will form the spine of Harewood’s cycling network and will connect the neighborhoods’ two largest commercial destinations.


The project, identified in the Transportation Master Plan, is being phased over a number of years.

Phases 1 & 2 have been completed on Bruce Avenue between Fourth and Eighth Streets.

Phase 3 will include Bike lanes on Pine Street from Bowen Road to Bruce Avenue. Construction will begin this year (2017).

Phase 4 will commence in 2019. During this phase Bike lanes will be installed on Bruce Avenue from Pine Street to Fourth Street completing a safe cycling rout of over three kilometers.

Future phases will see bike lanes on the rest of Bruce Avenue to Tenth Street.

Over All Harewood Bikeway (showing future phases)


Want to know more?

If you have any comments or questions on the planned improvements, please contact us at 250-754-4251 or email EngineeringInfo@nanaimo.ca.

  • Progress

    Phase 1 and Phase 2 were constructed in 2015-2016 and developed 1.7 km of the bikeway along Bruce Avenue between Fourth Street and Eighth Street.   

    Detailed design is complete for Phase 3 and consists of 0.9 km of the bikeway along Pine Street between Bowen Road and Fitzwilliam Street. Construction is planned for 2017.

    Detailed design for Phase 4 will start in 2019 which consists of 0.5 km of the bikeway along Bruce Avenue between Fitzwilliam Street and Fourth Street.  Construction is planned for 2018.

    The remaining phases connecting to Tenth St and terminating at Southside Drive will include an additional 2.3 km of bike lanes and paint marking improvements.

  • Documents
  • Details

    The Harewood Bikeway project is being implemented in phases.  For more details on each phase, please click on the thumbnails below for a higher resolution image.





  • Background

    The Harewood Bikeway is supported by the Harewood Neighbourhood Plan, the Official Community Plan, and the Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan.

    Through completing projects like the Harewood Bikeway, the City takes one step closer to making goals reality and creating a livable and environmentally sustainable community where walking and cycling are key components of the transportation system.

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