September 21, 2021 Regular Council Summary

Design Advisory Panel Appointments

Council has appointed Jill Yuzwa and Angela Buick as at-large members on the Design Advisory Panel for a 3-year term. Councillor Brown was appointed as the Council representative and Councillor Hemmens as alternate.
Section 7a

Maffeo Sutton Park Mural De-accession

The mural Underwater Fantasy by Dan Richey, which is located on Maffeo Sutton Park’s washroom building, has been part of the City’s public art program since 2005 and has endured long past its expected lifespan. The mural will be removed to allow for remediation and necessary repairs to damage on the building’s surface. The new Urban Design Roster program will provide an avenue to connect with a local artist or designer, and a fresh design treatment can be undertaken to support the renewal of this public space.
Section 12a

Climate Action Reserve Fund

A new Climate Action Reserve Fund will be established with the Climate Action Reserve Fund Bylaw 2021 No. 7330 passing three readings. This new fund replaces the Emission Reduction Reserve Fund and Sustainability Reserve Fund and will support initiatives, plans or projects that reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions and support the City in becoming carbon neutral; and/or support the reduction of energy consumption of City owned and operated facilities.
Section 12b

Property Tax Exemptions

A cash grant of $114,301.55 was awarded to the Island Corridor Foundation for 2021 property taxes and a new 10-year permissive tax exemption bylaw, effective 2022, passed three readings.
Section 12c

Tax exemptions for the 2022 tax year were awarded to the following:

  • the Nanaimo Association for Community Living for property owned at 3425 Uplands Drive;
  • Woodgrove Senior Citizens Housing Society for property owned at 1145 Seafield Crescent
  • the Hai An Buddhist Society for property owned at 587 Seventh Street
  • the Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society for property owned at 858 Georgia Street
  • the Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society for property owned at 77 Mill Street
  • the Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society for property owned at 10 Buttertubs Drive
  • Trinity United Church for the property recently purchased at 6011 Doumont Road

Section 12d

Short-Term Rental Amendments

Amendments to “Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 4500.186” (To regulate short-term rentals) and “Off-Street Parking Regulations Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7266.01” (To require one parking space for a short-term rental use) passed two readings. Council confirmed that all short-term rentals in Nanaimo, including bed and breakfasts, require a business licence and directed staff to prepare an explanatory guide and operator declaration form that outlines short-term rental operator requirements.
Section 12e

Development Around Nanaimo

A Development Variance Permit for 147 Swanson Road, to increase the maximum permitted floor area for all accessory buildings on an existing lot, was approved.
Section 12f

A Development Permit for 155 Fry Street, to allow for a mixed-use residential and commercial building, was approved.
Section 12g

A Development Permit for 1205 Ocean Pearl Terrace, to allow for a multi-family residential development including a 25-unit apartment building and a five-plex, was approved.
Section 12h

A Development Permit for 30 and 32 Lorne Place, to add four townhouse units to the property, was approved.
Section 12i

A Development Permit for 20 Barsby Avenue, to allow for an over-height retaining wall, was approved.
Section 12j

Bylaw Updates

“Fire Protection & Life Safety Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7108.03” (To give delegated authority to the Fire Chief to enter into First Responder Training Agreements with other local governments) was adopted.
Section 13a

“Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7041.04” (To incorporate the fees associated with the Fire Protection & Life Safety Regulation Bylaw) was adopted.
Section 13b

“Management Terms and Conditions of Employment Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7273.02” (To amend the provisions of the Management Terms and Conditions of Employment Bylaw 2019 No. 7273, to include the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation) was adopted.
Section 13c

“Housing Agreement Bylaw 2021 No. 7326” (To authorize a Housing Agreement to secure affordable housing at 6010 Hammond Bay Road) was adopted.
Section 13d

"Animal Responsibility Bylaw 2021 No. 7316" (To include provisions for animal welfare, control, licensing, duties of animal owners, penalties, and enforcement) was adopted.
Section 13e

"Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7041.02" (To add Animal Control Fees) was adopted.
Section 13f

“Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7159.12” (To amend the fine schedule for the Parks, Recreation and Culture Bylaw and add a fine schedule for the Animal Responsibility Bylaw) and “Parks, Recreation and Culture Regulation Amendment Bylaw 2021 No. 7073.08” (To remove sections that will be administered under the Animal Responsibility Bylaw and replace the Violation and Penalty section) passed three readings.
Section 13g

Council-Led Motions

Staff have been tasked with identifying two sites that could support supportive housing outside of Nanaimo's downtown and south end neighbourhoods and will return to Council for further direction.
Section 15a

A scope of work and possible funding options for a comprehensive Chase River and Cinnabar Valley mobility plan, which includes consideration of automobile, pedestrian, public transit, cycling and other accessible transportation modes, will be prepared for the Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting on connectivity challenges in south Nanaimo.
Section 15c

The City of Nanaimo 2022 work plan will include the development of a Zero Waste circular economy strategy that:

  • seeks to leverage municipal powers to advance the regional goal of 90% diversion of waste from landfill by applying the framework of the zero waste hierarchy and the systems and process of Circular economy that eliminate waste and pollution, keep materials in circulation, and regenerate natural systems; and
  • Includes investigating initiatives that improve access to recycling services and amenities, eliminate unnecessary single use items, implement deconstruction and sustainable demolition regulations, and support circular business entrepreneurship.

Section 15d

September 21, 2021 Regular Council Meeting – agenda, documents and video

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