2019-2022 Draft Strategic Plan

Over the past number of weeks, Council has engaged in an open planning process to develop a Strategic Plan for 2019-2022. This process helps Council identify and chart a course for the City over the next four years and beyond. A draft version of the Strategic Plan is linked below.

Council has identified four strategic themes for the plan: Governance Excellence, Environmental Responsibility, Economic Health and Livability. Under each strategic theme is a list of key actions that support and help the City deliver on the strategic themes. 

Feedback on the draft strategic plan was collected and reviewed by Council. Staff are in the process of adding additional detail to the draft Strategic Plan including identifying current plans and projects as well as updates required to existing plans and future projects to be considered.

You can view the draft via this link: 2019-2022 Draft Strategic Plan (pdf) updated May 21, 2019.



Q: How were these priorities identified? 

A: Council undertook a strategic planning exercise with the assistance of a consultant who has extensive experience in this area.  The consultant helped refine Council’s comments and individual Council members’ priority items into the Strategic Themes and Key Focus Areas.

Q: Can the plan change if any unforeseen issue arises?

A: Council is able to amend its plan at any time; however, the intent of a strategic plan is to think broadly and focus on longer-term transformations within the community.

Q: How does the City plan to take this Strategic Plan and make it actionable?

A: City staff are currently identifying activities and projects, both current and planned, that fall under the various Key Focus areas of the strategic plan.  In evaluating future activities and projects, the Strategic Plan will be used to help make decisions regarding budget and priorities. 

Q: How will the City recognize if some of these priorities are not being met effectively?

A: City staff will amend the current system of tracking Council resolutions and initiatives by including data that references the Strategic Plan Themes and Key Focus areas.  This should help Council determine if their decision-making is staying aligned with their Strategic Plan.

Q: When will the strategic plan be adopted by Council?

A: The strategic plan will be updated at a future meeting of Council, after Council has had the opportunity to review the input received from the public.

Q: There are a lot of components and text contained in this draft. Will the final product be more concise and easy to read? 

A: The current document available for public comment is a working document only. The final product will contain the same content but will be produced in a more polished format.





Last updated: May 21, 2019

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