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Search results for licences issued between Monday, May 01, 2017 and Thursday, June 01, 2017. Data updated overnight on most business days.

Business NameLicence #Mailing AddressLicence DescriptionBusiness PhoneHome BasedApproved DateStatusMaps
1095911 BC LTD DBA EDO JAPAN127815F3-6631 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9T 4T7EDO Japan RestaurantNoMay 4, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
1102265 BC LTD127943100 WALLACE STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5B1Commercial Property RentalNoMay 10, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
AJ SERVICES & DESIGN1279091848 EVERGREEN WAY NANAIMO BC V9S 2V2Residential Building ConstructionYesMay 1, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ALL CLASS DRIVER TRAINING CENTRE1160916420 PORTSMOUTH ROAD NANAIMO BC V9V 1A3Driver trainingYesMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ANGEL ESTATE SALES127889219-4750 RUTHERFORD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 4K6Antiques, Fine Art, CollectiblesNoMay 1, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
APPLE HOME INSPECTIONS127963565 HANNAH ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 5Y3Licenced Home InspectorYesMay 17, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ARBUTUS COVE CONSTRUCTION124090A-604 WIDGEON PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 4Y1residential renovationsYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ASPEN WELLNESS127553109 SUSSEX PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 4V8Clinical counselling, education, professional developmentYesMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
AUTO-MOBILE (1114101 BC LTD)1279472346 PHEASANT TERRACE NANAIMO BC V9T 3P6Auto electrical and electronic installationsYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
AUTUMN CREEK RENOVATIONS1279555951 DEVON PLACE NANAIMO BC V9V 1E5Renovations, residential & commercial constructionYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BABY DOLL'S BEAUTY BOUTIQUE127635310 FITZWILLIAM STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 3A5Hair salon and hair replacement studio, Aesthetic servicesNoMay 8, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BABY DOLL'S BEAUTY BOUTIQUE127635312 FITZWILLIAM STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 3A5Hair salon and hair replacement studio, Aesthetic servicesNoMay 8, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BAROOTES PARTNERSHIP GROUP INC THE / DBA PARTNERSHIP GROUP - SPONSORSHIP SPECIALISTS1279156099 CLARENCE WAY NANAIMO BC V9V 1M2Business Solutions Provider/ Management Consulting Firm/ Sponsorship Marketing AgencyYesMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BEST IN SHOW PRODUCTIONS127966 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Tradeshow booth installsNoMay 17, 2017OPEN
BETTER MOUSETRAP MARKETING LTD1279532313 EDBE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 6V9Marketing Services - Web, Branding and Digital Media SolutionsYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BEVERLY MENNIE COUNSELLING127226120-256 WALLACE STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5B3Professional Registered Clinical CounsellingNoMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BLACK OAK CONSTRUCTION127928810 SHORT AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 4L8Construction contractorYesMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BLACK SHEEP COUNSELLING127934120-256 WALLACE STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5B3Individual, couples & family counselling, life coaching and workshopsNoMay 10, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
BRIAN SIMMONS & ASSOCIATES LTD127932 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Human Resources ConsultingNoMay 5, 2017OPEN
C M W CONSTRUCTION127975 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Poured Concrete Foundation ContractorsNoMay 23, 2017OPEN
CAIN ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS127939398 APPLEWOOD CRESCENT NANAIMO BC V9R 0A6Computer RepairYesMay 10, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CARGO BED INTERNATIONAL INC1242003365 OPAL ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 2V6Administration - accounting, paperwork and telephone calls for Cargo Bed International IncYesMay 2, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CLASSIC TIPS NAIL DESIGN1108566024 SIERRA WAY NANAIMO BC V9V 1R8Nail SalonYesMay 9, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CLONE CORNER127725111 FINLAYSON STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2P4Garden Centre and Greenhouse SuppliesNoMay 1, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CONCORD SECURITY CORPORATION1279246631 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9T 4T7Security Guard ServicesNoMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
CREATECH GROUP THE127920 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Computer related service companyNoMay 4, 2017OPEN
CRITR'S CARPENTRY & MORE1279222320 WHITNEY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 3S9Home Renovation and ConstructionYesMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
DALIVINA INVESTMENT CORPORATION127892350 TERMINAL AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9R 5C8Commercial Property RentalsNoMay 2, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
EDEN PAINTING AND DRYWALL1279721935 KELSIE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9X 1B7Painting and drywallYesMay 23, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ELEVATED PERFORMANCE TRAINING1279445011 RHEANNA PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 5Z4Online Fitness Training ConsultingYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ENTIRE PROPERTY MAINTENANCE127949 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Property Maintenance ServicesYesMay 15, 2017OPEN
ERIKS INDUSTRIAL SERVICES ULC118671960 BOXWOOD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5Y2Wholesale - Machinery, Equipment & SuppliesNoMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
FERNRIDGE LANDSCAPING AND TREE SERVICE1279182101 MANCHESTER LANE NANAIMO BC V9S 4L9Landscaping and Tree ServicesYesMay 2, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
FINDERS KEEPERS FARM127824 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Gardening, horticulture, teaching gardening coursesNoMay 1, 2017OPEN
FLYNN COUNSELLING SERVICES127643201-503 COMOX ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 3J2Counselling Services - Registered Clinical CounsellorNoMay 8, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
FORESTSCAPE1279593136 ROBIN HOOD DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 1P1Forestry consulting, professional landscape photographyYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
FRESHSLICE PIZZA127660100-1808 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5W4Takout PizzaNoMay 2, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GIRL NEXT DOOR CLEANING SERVICE THE1279651308-1097 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9R 2A4Residential, commercial and construction cleaningYesMay 17, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GOLDER ASSOCIATES LTD125071420-256 WALLACE STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5B3Engineering and Construction ServicesNoMay 3, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GORDON ENTERPRISES1279211717 BOUNDARY AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9S 4P3Handyman ServicesYesMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GREEN ELECTRIC LTD127940900 DARSHAN PLACE NANAIMO V9R 0G1Electrical ContractorYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
GRIZZLY EXTERIORS127917 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Exterior applications for residential constructionNoMay 1, 2017OPEN
GUY DUBOIS WOOD FLOORS1160213659 SANDRA ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 4N5Wood Floor Installations & SandingYesMay 10, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HAIR MATES BARBERS & STYLISTS LTD1278995-6894 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9V 1P6Barber and StylistNoMay 10, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
HENDERSON RECREATION EQUIPMENT LIMITED127977 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Manufacture plyaground equipment and park amenitiesNoMay 25, 2017OPEN
HOUSE OF THE BUTTERFLY THE127913218-645 TOWNSITE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5K1Online Mexican handcrafted clothing and accessories boutiqueYesMay 1, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
IN HOUSE LOGIC WEST1279252328 WHITNEY ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 3S9Custom web design and development solutionsYesMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
INTERIORS DEFINED127960 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Interior Design ConsultationNoMay 15, 2017OPEN
ISLAND LOSS CLINIC127906106-285 PRIDEAUX STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2N2Consultant for Nanaimo Brain Injury SocietyNoMay 15, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ISLAND ROOTS MARKET CO-OPERATIVE1256532300 BOWEN ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 3K7Indoor winter, outdoor summer farmer's marketNoMay 12, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ISLAND VISION REHABILITATION1279011-1500 WADDINGTON ROAD NANAIMO BC V9V 4V9Vision Therapy and RehabilitationNoMay 26, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
JETSCAPE LAWN & HANDYMAN SERVICE1279712490 CRYSTAL BROOK WAY NANAIMO BC V9T 6L5Landscaping, maintenance, handyman servicesYesMay 23, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
KINGDOM GARAGE DOORS127923606 NOTTINGHAM DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 0C3Supply, Install & Service Garage DoorsYesMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LAI ANDREW12793175 COMMERCIAL STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5G3Commercial LeaseNoMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
LIQUID HAIR STUDIO119718201-3300 NORWELL DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 3Y7Coloring, cutting & styling hair - rent station at Eye Kandy StudioNoMay 18, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
M H L CONSTRUCTION127970 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN ConstructionNoMay 19, 2017OPEN
MARIDAN SERVICES1279761921 QUADRA AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9S 3A2Money Remittance (transfers)YesMay 26, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MARY'S NATURALS127950911 CHELSEA STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 1Y6Retail Sales of Natural supplementsYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MINT FACE BODY AND SOUL CLINIC LTD127567116-99 CHAPEL STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5H3Wellness clinic providing cold light therapy skin treatments and registered massage therapyNoMay 10, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
MY-THO DEVELOPMENTS LTD127914A-240 CALEDONIA AVENUE NANAIMO BC V9S 4K5Construction ContractorYesMay 1, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NAC CONTRACTORS LTD127935 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Construction of GNPCC Secondary Treatment Upgrade ProjectNoMay 5, 2017OPEN
NANAIMO DRAGON BOAT SOCIETY1279512 CLIFF STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 5E52017 Dragon Boat FestivalNoMay 24, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NIKKI'S LUXE LASHES1279383788 COTTLEVIEW DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 4G5Beauty Salon - Lash ExtensionsYesMay 10, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
NORTHFIELD MASSAGE THERAPY1279191733 NORTHFIELD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 3B1Registered Massage TherapistYesMay 2, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
O R WENNER LTD568611934 BOXWOOD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5Y2Electrical ContractorNoMay 12, 2017OPEN
OCTOTECH IT MANAGEMENT1272793521 FAIRVIEW DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 4R5IT Consultation & Solutions, Computer Services, Remote, Network & Server SupportYesMay 3, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PEACHY KEEN ICE CREAM127836304-220 TOWNSITE ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5S8Frozen Treat Tricycle CartYesMay 2, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PEOPLE PLACES PLANNING AND DESIGN127957 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Professional planning and design consultation and servicesNoMay 15, 2017OPEN
PREWALLS CANADA INC127961623 FOURTH STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 1V2General ConstructionYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PRISM DANCE CONNECTIONS127902901-5800 TURNER ROAD NANAIMO BC V9T 6J4Dance Training ProgramNoMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
PW TRENCHLESS CONSTRUCTION INC127942 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Underground Utility InstallationNoMay 8, 2017OPEN
RELIABLE ROOF CLEANING1279735970 SUNSET ROAD NANAIMO BC V9V 1K4Roof CleaningYesMay 26, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ROCK N ROLL CLASSIC ROCK DJ SERVICES11778953 LORNE PLACE NANAIMO BC V9S 3M7Mobile DJ for all occasionsYesMay 17, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ROGER BEAUDOIN1279371805 PEYTON PLACE NANAIMO BC V9S 2R3General ContractorYesMay 5, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ROGERS AUTH. DEALER - KINETIC WIRELESS12512379B-6631 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9T 4T7Cellular Phone Retailer (Fido)NoMay 11, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SAMURAI VENTURES LTD117006 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Engineering ConsultantNoMay 10, 2017OPEN
SCALAR DECISIONS INC127962 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Information Technology IntegratorNoMay 16, 2017OPEN
SEI CHEMICALS CANADA127927 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Graffiti removal and protective coatings, building maintenanceNoMay 3, 2017OPEN
SHAWNA NEUFELD HAIRSTYLIST127967210-3300 NORWELL DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 3Y7Independant hairstylist renting station in Eye Kandy StudioNoMay 17, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SIMPLY GREEN HOME SERVICES127952 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Sales and installation of high efficiency residential heating, cooling and water systemsNoMay 15, 2017OPEN
SOUND & CINEMA12558491-6631 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9T 4T7Retail electronics, sales of home theatre, car audio, home automationNoMay 26, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
STRAIGHT UP ROOFING LTD127936341 VIEW STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 4N8Roofing CompanyYesMay 15, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
STRANDS1279683380 HICKMAN PLACE NANAIMO BC V9T 3Y1Hair SalonYesMay 23, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
SURE TRIM LTD127933 BUSINESS - OUT OF TOWN Finishing CarpentryNoMay 5, 2017OPEN
UBIQON PROPERTIES LTD127954302-555 FRANKLYN STREET NANAIMO BC V9R 2X8Property DevelopmentYesMay 16, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
VI POWER SWEEPING1279165282 SOMERSET DRIVE NANAIMO BC V9T 2K6Power sweepingYesMay 2, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
WARA KOREA127604505 TERMINAL AVENUE N NANAIMO BC V9S 4K1RestaurantNoMay 3, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
WENNER SECURITY INC1262671934 BOXWOOD ROAD NANAIMO BC V9S 5Y2Installation of security and smart home/ business automation services plus security monitoringNoMay 12, 2017OPEN
WOODS LIFETIME FINANCIAL127349101-5180 DUBLIN WAY NANAIMO BC V9T 0H2Insurance Agency and BrokerageNoMay 2, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
YARDWORKS FINEST127910664 ROSEHILL STREET NANAIMO BC V9S 1E9Lawn care, weeding, hedge trimming, garden maintenance and rubbish removalYesMay 1, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)
ZUMIEZ INC #CO34127904140-6631 ISLAND HIGHWAY N NANAIMO BC V9T 4T7Retail - Clothing / AccessoriesNoMay 19, 2017OPENNanaimo MapKML (Google Earth)