Council establishes a new Governance and Priorities Committee

The GPC will enable Council to delve deeper into arising issues


A new committee has been established for Council to discuss emerging matters of interest and importance in a less formal and more involved manner. On March 4, 2019, Council voted in favour of launching a Governance and Priorities Committee (GPC) and adopted its terms of reference.

The GPC will include all members of Council with guests and subject matter experts invited to participate in the discussion. Meetings will focus on only one or two topics per session, providing Council with the opportunity for robust discussion and debate, allowing them to take a more in-depth look at matters that affect the citizens of Nanaimo.

Topics for GPC agendas will be determined through a working group consisting of the Mayor, Acting Mayor, CAO and City Clerk. One of the GPC's mandates will be to review the City's current committee structure and recommend changes as they see fit. The GPC will eventually replace Council’s Committee of the Whole after an amendment is made to the Council Procedure Bylaw. A public engagement process will be created at the same time.

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Key Points

  • GPC meetings will focus on one or two items, allowing for in-depth conversation on select topics
  • Guests and subject matter experts will be invited to participate in the discussions
  • GPC meetings will be held as informal forums, creating an atmosphere that lends itself to insightful discussion and debate


"The GPC provides Council with the opportunity to focus in on those issues that matter most to the citizens of Nanaimo. We’re hopeful that the relaxed and conversational atmosphere of this new committee, combined with thoughtful and focused discussions, will lead to increased engagement, awareness and participation across the City."

City of Nanaimo


Sheila Gurrie
City Clerk and Corporate Officer
City of Nanaimo
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