Constructive Culture Through Self-Leadership

The City of Nanaimo, with the support of Council, has embarked on a new professional development initiative in order to transform the existing “toxic” culture into a more positive, supportive one.

Tracy Samra, Chief Administrative Officers states “After years of investigations, public conflicts between senior management and Council over successive regimes it is time to break the cycle - it is time take proactive steps to develop a constructive healthy workplace for everyone. After meeting with over 40 management staff yesterday, I am convinced that this is the path forward.”

The City has, for many years, offered Core Supervisory and Core Management training as part of its annual training calendar. These five-day courses are geared towards new or prospective supervisors and managers.

This year, the City is going one significant step further by introducing a program entitled Constructive Culture through Self-Leadership, which will roll out in late 2017 and continue through 2018. This program has been developed for approximately 50 managers and senior staff at the City, and is built on the premise that all managers share a responsibility for helping to change the corporate culture.

The program, developed by consultants hired by the City, will begin this Fall with Senior managers and will extend to other managers and key individuals within the organization by mid-2018. The program will develop within participants the ability self-assess their own performance and outcomes, as well as their skills in listening, communication, conflict resolution and motivational techniques.

Managing people is a challenging job, and the City recognizes that an investment in its employees tasked with managing others can pay dividends for not only those individuals, but the employees they supervise as well. Providing a consistent professional development experience for managers and supervisors will enhance not only their ability to contribute to the success of the City, but improve the level of support amongst this group that is so important to have a well-functioning management team. The City hopes that, by extension, this will positively impact the quality of working life for all employees.



Tracy Samra
City Manager and CAO
City of Nanaimo
John Van Horne
Director of Human Resources
City of Nanaimo

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