Nanaimo's 2016 Drinking Water Quality Report now available


Each year in June, the City publishes its Annual Water Quality Report to help inform Nanaimo citizens about their drinking water. The report for 2016, available on the City's website, gives an overview of Nanaimo's drinking water system, how we treat the water and includes a sampling of drinking water quality test results.

With the first full year of operation of the South Fork Water Treatment Plant, residents can be assured of continued excellent quality water that is very safe to drink.

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Key Points

  • The Drinking Water Quality Report is published annually, in accordance with the Drinking Water Protection Regulation.
  • The 2016 Report reflects the first full year of operation of Nanaimo's South Fork Water Treatment Plant and highlights the excellent quality of Nanaimo's treated drinking water.
  • The City of Nanaimo and Island Health work closely together in designing and monitoring drinking water quality.
  • The City's drinking water exceeds both the BC Drinking Water Protection Regulation and the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality.


"Nanaimo's water quality monitoring and reporting is a key part of a multi-barrier approach to providing safe drinking water to our citizens. We look closely at our raw water from the source, all through the treatment plant and out across the entire water system within the City. In this way, we can detect and address changes in quality before it becomes an issue.

We are proud to offer this report for public education about their drinking water, and pleased to note another successful year of providing excellent quality, healthful water."

Manager, Water Resources
City of Nanaimo

Quick Facts

  • One of the most common questions is: "Does Nanaimo add fluoride to its water?" We can advise residents that fluoride has never been added to Nanaimo's drinking water, nor is there plans to do so.
  • Water conservation is something to be celebrated in Nanaimo! Nanaimo citizens use less water than the Canadian average. In fact, despite our population growing by over 25,000 people, the City delivers the same amount of water as it did in the early 1990's!


Bill Sims
Manager, Water Resources
City of Nanaimo

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