Door-to-door Heating System Inspections not Required by the City of Nanaimo

The Province does not mandate upgrades to existing residential heating systems


The City of Nanaimo Business Licence Section has received complaints regarding a business going door-to-door in residential areas. The individuals coming to the door are telling homeowners that they have a permit from the City to inspect their home's heating system for energy compliance and that they are required to let them in as it is mandatory by the Province that all residential heating systems comply with new provincial energy efficiency requirements.

Homeowners need to be aware that the City of Nanaimo has no employees or contractor's going door-to-door for this purpose and there is no reason that you need to let anyone in your home to conduct an inspection of your existing heating system or enter into a contract to upgrade it due to provincial regulations.

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Key Points

  • The City of Nanaimo would not hire employees, contractors or issue permits to people to go door-to-door in residential areas for the purpose of entering and reviewing energy efficiency. If someone tells you this they are being deceptive and it is a complete misrepresentation of their intent which is to engage you into discussions of purchasing or upgrading your heating system.
  • The new BC Energy Step Code is voluntary for existing homeowners and only applies to new residential construction. There are no mandatory upgrades for homeowners to upgrade their existing heating systems.
  • If an individual has come to your door, and you feel threatened or intimidated, do not let them in. You should phone the RCMP.
  • If you have concerns regarding a companies business conduct or possible misrepresentation you should contact the Better Business Bureau and notify Consumer Protection BC.


"Anyone having concerns regarding a local business can contact the Licencing Section to ensure that the company is licenced and in compliance with the applicable bylaws and regulations."

Manager, Development Support Services & Business Licencing
Community Development Department

Quick Facts

  • You can phone the City of Nanaimo at 250-754-4251 between 8am-4:30pm Monday to Friday if you have any questions or concerns regarding your property.


Nelda Richardson
Manager, Development Support Services & Business Licencing
Community Development Department

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