City launches web page for public engagement meetings

New resource to highlight opportunities for feedback and input


A new resource aimed at improving public awareness of upcoming engagement opportunities has been added to the City's website. The newly created public engagement web page contains names, dates and details of upcoming occasions intended to attract public turnout for the purpose of providing feedback on a forthcoming decision, proposal or project. The page adds value to the City's overall efforts to connect with the public by channeling all information concerning engagement opportunities into a single and easy to monitor resource.

Residents interested in staying abreast of upcoming engagement opportunities scheduled by the City are encouraged to bookmark the address:

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Key Points

  • By bringing divergent information sources together and hosting them on a single page with consistent formatting, staying informed on upcoming public feedback opportunities becomes easy and convenient.
  • In an effort to attract as many people possible to City hosted public engagement meetings, the City is seeking the public's assistance in raising awareness of this new resource.


"We know from correspondence forwarded to the City and from comments stated online that there is a demand for this information, organized in a straightforward fashion and located on a single web page. We feel this new resource achieves all of this and more."

Communication and Engagement Director
City of Nanaimo


Philip Cooper
Communication and Engagement Director
City of Nanaimo
250 755 4532

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