Trails scheduled to reopen in Colliery Dam Park


As construction winds down on the auxiliary spillway in Colliery Dam Park, work is underway to restore the park and open the auxiliary spillway construction area for public use.

This week, crews are repaving the asphalt trail disturbed by the spillway construction. The main trail around the lower reservoir will reopen for public use on Saturday, May 14. Copcan will begin removing the temporary bridge and continue to decommission the road between the bridge and Harewood Mines Road in order to convert it back to a trail. This trail is anticipated to reopen for public use by Saturday, May 21.

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Key Points

  • Crews are working to reopen trails in Colliery Dam Park. The main trail around the reservoir will be open Saturday, May 14. The construction road off Harewood Mines Road will be converted back to a trail and is anticipated to reopen by Saturday, May 21.
  • Landscaping has yet to start. Once it does the landscaped areas will be irrigated to ensure plant survival. Temporary fencing will be installed to protect the landscape areas.
  • For public safety reasons, the main trail may be temporarily closed during working hours when landscaping is underway.


"With the project nearing completion, crews are working hard to reopen the trails closed during construction. I want to thank the public for their cooperation and their patience while the auxiliary spillway was being built."

Manager, Construction
City of Nanaimo

Quick Facts

  • Top soil has been placed and stockpiled in advance of the landscaping. The top soil has been mixed with the City's green bin compost. While this is a great use for Nanaimo‚Äôs organic waste, it does create a very distinct odour which will dissipate over time.
  • Gravel from the construction road will be salvaged to Harewood Centennial Park and used for future park improvements.


Aerial Photo of the Spillway Construction
Aerial Photo of the Spillway Construction
This picture was taken April 7th as part of the City's aerial mapping photography.


Steve Ricketts
Manager, Construction
City of Nanaimo

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