Park users advised to watch for wildlife in City parks


The City of Nanaimo would like to remind residents to watch for wildlife in Nanaimo's parks and trails. This time of year is busy with wildlife activity such as bears and their young seeking food to restore fat reserves depleted during winter.

If you encounter a bear or cougar in one of Nanaimo's parks please contact 250-758-5222 or 250-756-5200.

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Key Points

  • Residents are reminded to be aware of their surroundings when using Nanaimo's parks and trails and watch out for wildlife.
  • Wildlife encounters such as bear or cougar sightings in City of Nanaimo parks and trails should be reported to 250-758-5222 or 250-756-5200.
  • Residents are also reminded spring is deer fawning season. Drivers are reminded to watch for deer on roads, especially during dusk and at night.


"Nanaimo has an abundance of natural settings and with that comes the possibility of wildlife encounters. When out in our parks and trails be aware, use care and report any sightings of bears or cougars."

Manager, Parks Operations
City of Nanaimo

Quick Facts

  • If you encounter a cougar make sure to stay calm and keep the cougar in view. Back away slowly and make yourself look as large as possible. Never run or turn your back on a cougar.
  • If you encounter a bear make sure to stay calm and keep the animal in view, but avoid direct eye contact. Back away slowly if you can and talk to it in low tones.


Al Britton
Manager, Parks Operations
City of Nanaimo

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