City chooses Central Nanaimo to rollout first phase of automated collection


** EDIT ** (April 18, 2017): Please be advised that the City's automation program experienced delays since this announcement was originally issued on February 22, 2016. City staff are currently developing the program for implementation in the fall of 2017 and summer 2018. Updates will be provided soon in the solid waste section of the website.


People living in Central Nanaimo will be the first residents across the City to have their curbside recycling and garbage picked up using the new automated collection service.

In the fall of 2015, Council directed staff to proceed with the purchase of two automated solid waste/recycling collection vehicles and identify an area within Nanaimo to introduce the new service. Residents living in Central Nanaimo will now have their recycling and garbage removed via three City issued carts consisting of a recycling cart, kitchen waste cart and garbage cart.

Each of the three carts will be issued in neighbourhoods in Central Nanaimo this October through November. A corresponding public information campaign containing key details on the new program, cart sizes, schedules and other information will begin late spring, early summer.

Strategic Link: Taking responsibility to be an excellent municipal government through the introduction of a convenient and cost effective curb-side recycling and garbage collection program.

Key Points

  • This first phase will affect approximately 10,000 households and will include distributing approximately 30,000 collection carts. Residents are encouraged to review the supplied map to determine if their property is included in Central Nanaimo.
  • Maximum allowable garbage volume per household will remain largely unchanged.
  • Following the rollout of the automated curbside collection service in Central Nanaimo, the City will identify all successes and review any challenges prior to introducing the service in remaining parts of Nanaimo.
  • To learn more about the rollout of the automated curb-side collection program for Central Nanaimo, please visit the City's website.


"Automated solid waste and recycling collection provides a significant benefit to the health and safety of the City’s sanitation workers and provides convenient opportunities for residents to participate in the kitchen waste and recycling programs while furthering the City’s effort to move towards zero waste. For more information on the changes being made in Central Nanaimo, residents are encouraged to visit the City's website and watch for public information sent to their home."

Director of Engineering & Public Works
City of Nanaimo

Quick Facts

  • Initially, all residents will be provided same size collection carts. Residents wishing to change the size of these carts will be allowed to do so after a period of two months.


Automated collection area - Fall 2016
Automated collection area - Fall 2016


Brian Denbigh
Manager of Sanitation, Recycling & Public Works Administration
City of Nanaimo
Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Nanaimo

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