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Colliery Dams Information

Thank you for visiting the Colliery Dam Information webpage. This webpage will keep you up to date with work that is being undertaken to ensure the lower and middle dams located in Colliery Dam Park meet required provincial dam safety standards.

For updates on construction concerning the auxiliary spillway, please click here.

For photo updates on construction concerning the spillway, please click here.    


The issue of how to address the identified risks associated with the Colliery Dams has been underway since October, 2012. For background information, dam safety standards, community concerns and different potential solutions, visit the Information Archive. Additional information can also be found in the right-hand Related Links sidebar column. Click on these links to learn about the Technical Committee, Emergency Preparedness Tips and Procedures, Reports and Studies, Presentations, Correspondence, Additional Q&As and Meeting Minutes.

Auxiliary Spillway

At its meeting held July 20, 2015, Nanaimo City Council unanimously voted in favour of a motion to proceed with the construction of an Auxiliary Spillway adjacent to the Lower Colliery Dam. The Auxiliary Spillway option was chosen from one of three options identified by the Province of British Columbia's Dam Safety Section's April 29, 2015, 'revised' Order requesting remediation of the Lower Dam.

Construction of the spillway was completed in the spring of 2016.

The following images represent the auxiliary spillway, as it appears in Colliery Dams Park.

Click on each thumbnail to open full sized image in new window.


For updates on recent decisions Nanaimo's City Council has made concerning the Colliery Dams, please click on the links below. Note: links are shown in chronological order with the most recent decisions at the top of the list.


Please read the questions listed below.Having reviewed these questions, if you require any further information, please call 250-754-4251 and a representative from the City will speak with you.

When will a decision be made about the dams?
The objective is to have a permanent solution in place no later than 2015.

Who will make the decision?
The decision on a permanent solution for the dams will be made by City Council.

How much will it cost to deal with the dams?
The costs of the chosen method won't be known until the work of the engineers to develop an approved option has been completed.

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